2-Minute GFCI Inspection Video at House of Horrors®

2-Minute GFCI Inspection Video at House of Horrors®

Shame it is not accurate. You really need someone that knows electrical to validate your “educational” training. All the inaccurate information does nothing to help the industry.

I was thinking the same thing. Incomplete narrative on Kitchen GFCI.

The NEC dropped the 6 foot rule decades ago. There was no 3 foot rule. Might be time for a refresher.

From what I read, the 6’ rule is back in for the kitchen, and the countertop rule still applies. This would affect receptacles not serving the countertop.

Part has been dropped from the 17 NEC IIRC.

This just builds on all the inaccurate defects pointed out in the “moderated” Student area that no one corrects. Looks more like something to drive up the post count than an educational resource to build a foundation on.

Doesn’t 210.8 say “6’ from the sink” without the kitchen reference? It used to say “except in the kitchen”, correct?

I don’t have the 17 in front of me.

This changed in the 2014 cycle. The measurement specifics were spelled out in 2017 (straight line vs along wall for the 6’)

There were changes for gfi’s relative to wet bar areas also.

IIRC the disposal was dropped from the list in kitchens.

A few observations, for one the video should state what code cycle they’re referencing.

In the 2017 NEC:

-The 6’ GFCI rule (within 6’ of the inner edge of the sink) is back for all receptacles except for those under the sink if there is a cabinet door. Not sure what the 3’ rule is.

-The dishwasher requires GFCI protection but not the disposal.

-GFCI receptacles are required to be *readily accessible *not accessible. The NEC differentiates between those two terms and they are not interchangeable.

Still no response by the educational department. Sad.

Good to know, thanks. The 3’ reference in the video is just a flat out mistake for kitchens.

Just to add for clarification,

This is in addition to the requirement for all receptacles serving the countertops to be gfi protected that has been in place for years.

Good point, I didn’t mean to imply that the counter-top requirement had been removed from the NEC.

2014 210.8A says within six feet of any sink.

This was for receptacles not serving the countertops. It was clarified in the 17 to exclude certain receptacles and to clarify the measurement method.

Thanks Jim, just ordered my 2017 a couple days ago… been watching the mailbox.

And GFCI protection above countertops was not even mentioned in video. I can see how newbies get confused.

And this was posted by the educational department. :roll:

Seems they should be helping instead of leading inspectors astray.