2 new, advanced, online, video courses. Take them in your pajamas.


I once shot an elephant in my pajamas, how he got in my pajamas I don’t know.

Inspecting Water Heater Tanks CourseLearn how to identify components of gas-fired and electric water heater tanks, recognize defects and safety hazards in relation to modern standards and requirements, explain flammable vapor ignition resistance systems, and evaluate TPR valves. Watch as a Master Plumber inspects cut-away water heater tanks in a studio setting and a Certified Master Inspector® performs inspections on water heaters on location. Defects and safety hazards are identified at actual home inspections performed during the course. Dowload Inspecting Water Heaters" course material, yours to keep 18 page pdf (free). Take the “Inspecting Water Heaters” video course, online final exam, and print your certificate of completion ($19.95). Video class length: 1 hour, 51 minutes (you can pause, rewind, and fast-forward). This course has been submitted for approval to all states that require home inspector continuing education (4 CE hours).


During one of my MANY trips to the State Capitol … The President of the local ASHI Chapter was in the hallway of the New Hampshire House of Representatives and in a loud voice proclaimed to the Members of the House and Members of the Senate who were in the hallway that “His Dog took the NACHI on-line exam and passed it with flying colors.”

I commented that this AMAZING dog had the ability to;

  1. Speak English
  2. Read & write English
  3. Had the ability to operate a computer.
  4. Had the ability to “operate a mouse”.

Now… I see that this and other course will require “Payment” which will require the use of a credit card.

That means that this AMAZING dog will have to open up a line of credit to take these courses.

All kidding aside… I am very Happy to see that when it comes to long distance learning that NACHI has entered into the 21st Century !

KUDOS to you Nick!! :stuck_out_tongue:

www.nachi.org/requirementcomparison.htm I don’t think known, no-entrance requirement, diploma mills should be throwing too many stones.

InterNACHI is the leader in advanced education and training for home inspectors.


Keep up the Good Work! :stuck_out_tongue:


In Romania we don’t wear pajamas, so we can’t take any tests in our pajamas!