2 Questions 1 Electrical & 1 PA Radon Mitigation piipe requirements

I’m looking for some help with with Determining if a Radon Mitigation exhaust Pipe has to be Schedule 40 PVC ? I just encountered a gutter downspout being used for it ? First time seeing one and of course I’m just getting ready to my second yr on going education very soon. So I may have forgotten some of those PA requirements!

And I just inspected an electrical panel that has 2 -200 amp markings at the electrical disconnect on the main panel/ However the meter reads CL-200 so is this a 400 amp panel or service or 200 amp because the meter says that ? Thank you for any help with both questions!!

It’s hard to see on disconnect but there’s 2 -200 marking one right next to another that made me wonder if it s a 400 amp service?

I see your in PA. Not sure what they use. But go to pages 13 thru 14 (mostly 14). Maybe PA adopted these standards, I would not know.

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This is a good question that’s been asked on here before, but I haven’t seen a great answer yet. When I see this, I describe it as 2X200 amp service. But I could use some verification myself on what we should be calling this. Maybe we can get @rmeier2 to chime in on this.

It’s a 4 Pole 200 amp Main…


Here comes Robert, maybe he will mention parallel assembly? :wink:

As Jeffery posted it’s 4-100 amp single pole breakers configured for a 200 amp 2-pole output. That makes it a 200 amp service.


Yes it’s A Seimans Panel ! That’s what I was thinking too! Thank you :pray:!!

Oops. Guess I didn’t zoom in to see that. Let me re-configure my question to what I was thinking…

When we see (2) 200 amp breakers, each feeding one leg of the panel, would it be proper to describe that as 400 amp service, or 2X200, or something else? I don’t know if I’ve seen it with 200 amps before, but I have seen it with (2) 100 amp breakers, each feeding one leg in the panel.

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Perfect Thank You both very much!
Now I will definitely remember this one!!

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So if a panel was a 400 amp would CL on the meter have 400 after it ? I did big home a month ago that the meter said CL -320 ?
What’s that ?

Still looking for someone from PA that is familiar with Radon Pipe requirements? Would appreciate it!


I would almost guarantee they follow the AARST standards @bcawhern1 posted earlier. If you can’t find an answer, I would default to those.

It appears PA is working off a 1997 standard, lol. But interestingly, AARST specifically addresses the use of metal downspouts.


Yes, and it saves nothing! Cheaper and easier to use Sch 40!
Bet that downspout isn’t welded and sealed as required!
Besides, it also needs to have an elbow or tee at the top, NOT open to the elements allowing rain/snow/ice issues.

IMO, the only reason the issue ever became an issue is related to cosmetics on historic properties.


So are they saying it’s ok to use the metal downspout? Because I just read PA Dep requirements and it says should use PVC but any material used must have permanent sealed joints!
And does not say 1 ft above roof , just above roof eve and they actually want water to run down inside the pipe to the soil !! Weird how’s it get passed the fan ?

You might be on to something there. But in the end, as long as it is sealed, corrosion resistant (and other requirements such as the turn down) then it should be A-Ok. But damn, that downspout is ugggglllyyyy


It’s ok in my book, as long as it is sealed well at all the seams.

Yes it is Ugly ! Haha .,That other one I read said it should be acceptable material to the client!! So if it’s ugly they usually don’t want it! The guy probably installs gutters too and had some old downspouts laying around!! Crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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