2 Questions?

What do you guys think about this staircase stringer? Is it supported well enough? Also, I am not sure of the purpose of these vents. They were in two upstairs bedrooms. I had no access to the attic to examine where they were going. Thanks in advance!

Hard to tell about the stringer. Did the stairs shake? How long have they been there? Just not enough detail for me.

The vents I’m 99% certain are HVAC supply vents. Older type.

I agree on the vents. Was there A/C in this building?

If that’s an active stringer, I’d write it up as improper support under stringer.
What happens if some of those wedges were kicked out? See ya…


Pic#1 - Looks like temporary blocking/jack that was left as permanent support. I can only guess as to why (laziness or forgetfulness).
I’d recommend that my client either re-work the support, or have it done. If the stairs are “spongy or spingy” (technical jargon) when using, I’d get it done sooner, rather than later.

Pic#2 - That is an HVAC ceiling diffuser used in both Res. and Comm. applications. Older style not used much, or any today. Thay were a pain to install, especially with the optional butterfly damper, and I thought lousy design/distribution of air.
I can’t imagine them being used for anything else, but if you couldn’t access the attic, and you couldn’t feel any air coming out of them while operating the HVAC system during your H/I, I’d push for access to the attic. You need to know that and any other conditions existing.

Be interested to see what you find out.