2 Straps, 4 Nails, No Wrap?

New one on me, check the photos… what do you guys think?

No discount…Step to the right :slight_smile:

I know you will get some static over this, but it looks like the original embedded strap didn’t pass AHJ inspection and the twist strap was added, but only with two nails…lol. Both straps do not qualify as a clip…toenail(ii).

Too bad the law of addition isn’t an option… Lol. Unfortunately toenail.


That is too bad. Probably would hold well.
Maybe a good weld job would work:cool:
Then we would have a fire issue:shock:


Toe nail. Chances are that the rest of them only have two nails as well (because there are only two holes). If they add a third nail to each truss connection, then I’d update the report for free.

Yes, and therein is the irony of the whole thing. It would most likely hold up well and the countless homes I’ve inspected built in the 50’s And 60’s that withstood numerous hurricanes here in South Florida without the roofs flying off is amazing. And all of them with thick gauged clips with a single nail in them.