What type of connection is this

What kind of connection would you say this is?

Double wrap. Nice photos.

Hmmmm. I find that interesting.

My inspector selected “Other” and said “Straps attached to top plate of wall, wraps over truss (but not nailed to them), and attached to top plate on the other side.”

My insurance took his description and is going to write me up as toe nailed.

I don’t see 2 straps or any nails.

This type of double wrap does not require any nails in the truss.

It is similar in design to a sanibel strap which requires no nails and is considered a double wrap.

Actually, it is a true-tie for wood frame construction. NOA:02-0102.04 http://www.miamidade.gov/building/library/productcontrol/noa/02010204.pdf

Some good info , so is the insurance co wrong at this point? maybe have to provide the doucmentation?

What I have done when I run into these, is to add the spec sheet to the wm report as well as the NOA number. If need be, I also include a little explanation as to why it is a double wrap.

The new form had a change which specifically addresses this type of strap.

To the OP, if you wish, you can contact me and I can guide you through the process if you are a homeowner.

WOW! Thank you guys so much. This is a huge help.

Now I’m in Collier County and not Miami/Dade. Will I have to find the specific Code/ Notice of Acceptance here in Collier? I’m assuming it should be on the counties website burried.

Eric, That would be great. I’ll send you a message shortly.

double sanibel strap lots of these in Lee County on houses built in the 90’s Wood framed 2nd or 3rd story homes:cool:

Chris and Kevin are correct. It’s a sanibel strap and recognized as a double strap. It is designed with no nails in the truss.

Check your e mail.

I’ll look and see if I can find the e mail from the rep for the company that made those.

Steven Brekke SBrekke@mii.com

to magnuminspecti.

That appears to be our HDPT. That product has been discontinued. I have attached the catalog page from 2005 that has the allowable loads listed for this item.

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You guys are correct, it is a Sanibel and not a Simpson H16. The problem lies in the fact that the wall connection cannot be verified usually, and therefore becomes “Other” on the form. The form requires verification of at least 3 nails on each side of the wall connection. A reinspector will select “Other” unless the wall connection can be seen.

It is written marked on the 1802 form as a Double Wrap.

My inspector VERY quickly updated my wind mitigation with the correct double wrap selection.

Thank you to everyone here. Without your help I wouldn’t have been able to get this corrected.

That is why you submit the spec sheet which shows the installation method.

Installation instructions:

Recently ran across this. I checked double wraps and they wanted me to revise the report to “other” and submitted this letter.
So it appears that they want “Other” checked for Sanibel Straps even though the verabge on the form seems to me to read correctly


I also found it interesting since I use to run up to 20 frame and trim carpenters on Sanibel Island and have installed thousands of these things this person says they are not on every truss. Let me tell you if you have ever dealt with the City of Sanibel’s inspection department you know otherwise (very strict). I will be sending a copy of this letter to the chief building inspector on Sanibel for his reading pleasure :wink: Are we all having fun yet ?

After speaking with this guy, at length, I wouldn’t trust anything he says any further than I could throw him.

Not you Fred!!