More WM ???

I had one yesterday that had clips installed on each side of the trusses with three nails in each clip.
So here is my hypothetical question, if there had been two nails in each clip would that be counted as “clip” with four nails in each truss?
Interested to hear what everyone thinks!:mrgreen:

NOPE toenail

Something like this?

Good photo and that’s one connector not two.

Sorry Dave for highjacking this thread, but wanted to verify this. WM this afternoon was a clip with two nails. I wanted to make sure toenail (ii) would be the right answer. I remember with straps two nails are toe nailed and three nails turn it into a clip. I attached a picture.

I’m going with toe nailed (ii). Let me know if I’m correct on this one.

Correct most likely an H10

Didn’t think of an H connector… so that makes it one clip with 4 nails 2 on each side … mark as clip?

Yep! Hootie Hoo .
That is why I put that pic up.

Looks like only 2 nails from that photo and they drove 3 nails just missed the connector!

All holes need nails.
That is why the holes are there.

So probably toe nail (ii), thats what my gut is telling me:neutral:

Would it be A
Metal connectors that do not meet the minimal conditions or requirements of B, C, or D

Yes toenail (ii)

ALWAYS the lessor!! If you see one clip that doesn’t meet the requirement, then that is the ‘weak link’ so to speak and you must take a step down to the lessor attachment. You will never be wrong if they send another inspector out (probably representating the Ins Co) to verify. Read the fine print on the OIR and simply comply with EXACTLY what it says.