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Below are some post’s from two years ago… Cookie

Well in two years some things have not changed re
the National Certification .
No rules ,
No information .
No way to find out who are members .
No sensible reply to questions asked .
Treatment of those who ask questions is bad…

Well in two years things are moving well with the
Certified Master Inspector.
have a president .
Lots of information,
all Members are listed
Questions are answered very expeditiously.
CMI chat room open to all Home Inspectors

Posted: Dec 22, 2005 9:28 PM Post Subject:
</SPAN>**Quote:****Sarnia man heads inspectors

A Sarnia home inspector has been named to head a national program which will certify home inspectors.

Bill Mullen, owner of Bluewater Home Inspection, has been a professional home and property inspector in Sarnia for 13 years and has held several positions on the boards of both the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and its national counterpart, the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors (CAHPI).

Mullen will oversee the implementation phase of the national certification program for Canadian home inspectors, which will be put in place after eight years of work and $2 million, to educate, assess and certify about 5,000 home inspectors in the country under the umbrella of CAHPI.

Mullen will direct the certification process of individual practitioners and the accreditation of educational institutions involved in training. All practitioners in Canada will be certified by the end of 2007.

The program is a joint project involving Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation, Human Resource and Skills Development Canada, the federal ministry of housing, and CAHPI.**

I got a reply from the London Free Press, they seem to be an agent for Mr. Mullen. Mr. Mullen replied to the article and the issues I raised.

Here for your edification and delectation is the reply.

**Quote:****Mr. Mullen writes:
— The announcement does not claim that the certification is mandatory. I agree that it is voluntary and always will be.

— Nor to date has 2 million dollars been spent on this project. He is not involved, so he has no way to know what amount this cost. The figure represents about 750,000 in government money, about 250,000 in our membership money, another 250,000 invested by other inspection groups, 50,000 by smaller interested parties, and at least 750,000 in what are called ‘in kind contributions’ by volunteers. These figures can be easily substantiated, but since this gentleman has never offered one hour of volunteer help to the process he would have no idea.

— Nor are there 5,000 home inspectors in CAHPI, they only have (approximately) less than 1,000 members across Canada, The announcement does not state that there are 5000 CAHPI inspectors, There are about 5000 inspectors in Canada who are eligible to apply for this CAHPI certification. nor has CAHPI or OAHI released any of this information to its members. The membership has received very regular written updates over the years, and some of the leaders such as myself have given many presentations at membership meetings from coast to coast to tell inspectors about this.

— I think it would behoove you to check out the facts for yourselves to ensure the stories you print are accurate and not misleading. I invite you to check the facts that you printed if you wish. They can be corroborated by CAHPI Head Office at 1-888-748-2244 or CMHC in Ottawa at 613-748-2316 (ask for Jim Robar) . I gladly stake my reputation and credibility against this gentleman’s. I served as National President of CAHPI for three years and I have worked hard to bring this project to where it is today.**

Certified Master Inspector meeting.

November 14, 2005.

Claude Lawrenson

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User: clawrenson
Posted: Dec 3, 2005 9:16 AM Post Subject:
Be careful what you ask for because it’s coming, and some may not like what it looks like. Both B.C. and Quebec are on the brink of “right to practice” legislation. Than the real house cleaning and reality of credibled validated certification will take hold. If the government is involved - one must also consider ALL stakeholders including the influence of groups such as architects, engineers, and other professional groups, and not to exclude the influence of realtors. Licensing does not necessarily promise fairness or equity to one and all.

Once these pass - watch out - the rest of the larger provinces will likely follow suit.

------- Claude Lawrenson

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User: clawrenson
Posted: Dec 3, 2005 8:22 PM Post Subject:
For clarification (Roy) - personally I am not against licensing. It depends under what terms, just like the terms that some relate from the CHIBO II Project Report.

My point being despite what some seem to believe - it’s not that much different than what we currently already have in the marketplace. If anything it will force those outside of associations to join in the process, or close up shop; that is assuming the licensing model includes a named association or its plural derivative. That same growth potential is also a potential with or without licensing. Until licensing is on our doorsteps, we all need to be diligent about those who put such a suggestion forward and their ulterior motives.


With the looming questions about OAHI failure to provide the 2006 budget or release quarterly reports to the membership as required in the bylaws, CAHPI cant even be assured they are getting their fair share of revenue from OAHI. Nor can the members of OAHI be assured that the finances of the association are accurate! OAHI has had all year to provide the reports, where are they?

Further why would Mr. Lloyd tell members the financial info is at Oahi head office when in fact they are not?

The members of OAHI are all scared to ask for fear of recrimination! Only a hand full of senior members have taken OAHI to task in this regard.