The Baloney never ends

I thought we already straightened out the number of home inspectors in Canada. Yet here we are again back at square one with out right lies. Yes I guess when one is habitual at spreading falsities, ya just can’t help one self to embellishing the truth as much as possible!

Just like the London Free Press publishing baloney from the same person wherein the story quoted 5,000 members which we all knew to be fraudulent. Now here he is still spreading the lies. Now the money factor seems to be overly stated.



The Board of Directors of the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors (CAHPI) has appointed Bill Mullen RHI, from Sarnia, Ontario to the post of Project Coordinator. He will oversee the Implementation Phase of the National Certification Program for Canadian Home Inspectors, which is the culmination of an eight year, two million dollar initiative to educate, assess, and certify the approximately 5000 Home Inspectors in the country under the umbrella of CAHPI.
It is a joint project involving CMHC, HRSDC, the Federal Ministry of Housing, and CAHPI.

Mr. Mullen will direct the certification process and the accreditation of educational institutions involved in training members of this industry. The goal is to have all competent practitioners in Canada assessed and certified by the end of 2006. Details will appear on the CAHPI-National website at:

Mr. Mullen has been a professional Home and Property Inspector in Sarnia for thirteen years and has held several positions on the Boards of both the Ontario Association of Home Inspectors (OAHI) and CAHPI.

In 2003, Mr. Mullen was the recipient of the Stephen Greenford Award, the highest National Award by CAHPI, recognizing his contributions at the national level. In 2005, he was presented with a similar provincial award by OAHI. Mr. Mullen previously served as National President
of CAHPI from 2001 to 2004.](“”)

5,000 HIs .Thats strange for sure but what bothers me is it also says (culmination) of spending $2,000,000:00 .
Where is this money comming from and if there are 5,000 why are there not at least some non CAHPI/OAHI home inspectors on this board.
There was a word I heard a long time ago ( Nepotism ) about the National Certification
Gee that could not be happening could it .
The more I hear,
the more I see!
NACHI is the one for me !
Roy Cooke R.H.I.
A HAPPY NACHI MEMBER,… More find this out ever day!

How is it possible for CAHPI to have spent that much money
with out us knowing where some of it was spent.

I wonder if any was donated to the party of choice???

Roy sr

Perhaps the overstated inspector count is because they are counting each NACHI member as 5 because a NACHI member’s ability is equal to 5 non-NACHI inspectors put together :smiley: