200 Amp Panel Main Breaker not used

I found this 200-amp panel in a bedroom closet. The 200 amp main breaker is not being used. The 100 Amp breakers on the lower left are feeding the panel. I have never seen this before. Is this OK? (There are many more issues with the panel but this I have never seen)



The back-fed breaker requires a retention clip or bolt to hold it in place otherwise it’s permitted. As stated there are other issues starting with the location in a clothes closet.

I have a full page just on the main and aux panel! Add some mold in the crawl space and I think this deal is over. Of course it will be my fault.

If this is not the service panel the bond screw should not be installed.

Since the EGC’s and the neutrals are on separate buses you’re probably correct that the bond screw should not be installed.

This is the main service panel.

Is the bedroom closet on a exterior wall? How do the service entrance conductors get into the closet?