200 Amp Service Upgrade

Older Home that had a 100 Amp Service.

Homeowner contracted with an Electrician to upgrade service to 200 Amp. Photos are of the completed installation of the 200 Amp Panel…

Here are some additional…

Same electrician also rewired the 2nd floor of the home that was originally K&T.

Wiring is now run over the Rafters between the battens of the wood shingle roof.

What union was he in?
That one entry on the lower left, is it romex or a split extention cord.?

W - O - W !!!

I hope the BBB is getting involved.

Did anyone get his “License” # as he left? He needs reported!!!

I met with the GC Today as he is looking to get Paid for this Work.


First you said the HO contracted with an “Electrician”, now there is a GC? Who hired the “Electrician”?

If the GC was responsible for the electrical he could have used anyone, I see them use unlicensed and unqualified people all the time for electrical and plumbing. It is a major loophole, a GC can pull a permit and get away with performing all the different trades however he wants.

I would be surprised if the work in those pics was done by a licensed electrician. Looks more like someones brother in law:roll: Whoever did it needs a spankin for sure.

Oh Joe, stop with the photos. I’m crying because they are so sad.