K & T

Just a few from today…

Do you think that they could of installed any more of the ceramic knobs!

The problem I am seeing or realizing with knob & tube is that they install a new breaker panel and replace the 15 amp fuse with a 20 amp breaker. So now the 14 gauge older Knob & tube wiring now has more potential amperage along with the insulation & splicing issues.

The configuration of wiring in photos 3 & 4 is what caught my attention. I found this interesting as this was indicative of the original installation.

For instance today’s specials.

The main panel that was recently installed has a 30 amp main breaker with 60 amp SEC. And most of the wiring was older K & T.

And just for the fun of it I added the thru wall air cord that specifically stated that it needs to be installed on a grounded plug was on… You guessed it a non grounded receptacle.

It is so nice of the listing agent to brag about the new update main panel. That is the least expensive component. How about updating the 30 amp main anf the SEC and the K & T.

***Your a deal killer the agent shouts *** I calmly say you are a potentially killer and a licensed electrician is needed.

Sorry I am ranting.

Joe I hope you dont mind that I share your post.

Not at all. :smiley:

Is the handyman romex buried in the ground? What does it go to?

I will raise you 1 garage SEC. :mrgreen:

There are 2 ponds / fountains on the property. Above the plug is a switch that controls the receptacle. Alternating plugs alternates the function of the fountains.

It is a minor inconvenience that both can not be operated at the same time…

Here was yesterdays. 1920’s house in the crackhead district. The second picture was in the crawl, notice all the loose wirenut connections, that’s a pretty good sign of what the entire house was like.

knob and tube.jpg