2005 Inspector Website of the Year awarded to NACHI member.


congratulations David!

congratulations David!

Very impressive site David. It looks like alot of work went into it. Congrats! -o<

What a great looking website! Classy and Clean

Thank you everyone.

Sorry for the delay in responding. I just got back from one fantastic vacation to Aruba with my family. I’m just now catching up on this board.

I must say that Roberta Dulay did most of the site work for me. She had a lot of patience with me while building this site (last year) as I was her worst nightmare. She didn’t realize she was working with a perfectionist until she kept receiving continuous emails from me requesting a lot of revisions, changes and add-ons on a daily basis. I wanted everything to be perfect and that she did.

After she finalized everything on my site for me, she gave me most of the secrets of getting my site to the top of all major Search engines. I took her professional advice and I’m presently continuing to use her techniques to this day. One example…simply go to Google and type in keyword “Massachusetts Home Inspection” and observe my placement.

When everything was all said and done with my website, I simply added every bit of information I could come up with (throughout my site) in order to keep my clients (and the average homeowner) well informed. I also installed my manual “Know Your Home” which is jam packed with information that every homeowner must have.

I want to thank Roberta Dulay for everything she’s done for me. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking to design or revise a website. She’s is absolutely “THE BEST”.

Great Job, very good graphics

David, thanks for the kind words about staffer Roberta Dulay. All NACHI members can contact her about search engine optimizing their own sites: http://www.nachi.org/seo.htm


Nice job.

Have a great year.

David, Congratulations, and I agree. I just put up my new site and sent her this thank you:

"Hi Roberta,

I can’t tell you enough how pleased I am with the new site. It is comprehensive, affordable, and extremely easy to maneuver. It was so easy to set up and by playing with the editor, I am learning more each day. I wish I would have changes over from my old site a when I first spoke with you about a year ago. Thank you so much for a great site. Now if I can only get the rankings up… :)"


Great job Dave on your Great site.:slight_smile: It shows what you can do with a little hard work and expert help with the design and contents…

PS. And hat’s off to Roberta for her website expertise to make things like this happen:)

Good Job Dave