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I just wanted to plug a little for Roberta Dulay at http://www.homeinspectionwebsite.com/

She did a fantastic job for me (and I was her first NACHI client). Her skills are worth the wait and are VERY affordably priced.

I booked an inspection today for a client who found my website. The reason they contacted me was that the husband is a web designer and REALLY liked my site along with the information I have posted. He purposely did not contact other inspectors with web sites based strictly on their site design and layout.

If you don’t have a site or are looking to change hosts, I HIGHLY recommend Roberta.

Did you ask them how they found your website?

What were there search perameters?

This stuff is important to know if you are marketing with a web site.

Just curious.

I can say that Roberta is the best. I would recommend her professional services to anyone who is in need of internet presence.

When my clients call me to book an inspection, most of them tell me that they chose me due to my great website and its content.

Not only that, My site is very easy to find. Roberta put her SEO skills into my site and I am now in top positions under the keyword “Massachusetts Home Inspection”.

Thank you very much Roberta.

The nice thing about Roberta’s service is that she now has available a “Usage Statistics” program which graphs out a number of useful items such as # of hits, daily statistics, and hourly statistics to name a few. This also tells you the referring site as well as exact search strings used to locate your site, along with the number of times these referring sites or strings were used. Very useful when tracking web advertising ROI.

So whether I ask or not, I still have availibilty to this information through her web stats program. VERY cool! :cool:

A great web design is worth the price especially with the responses that you all have been getting. The more advertisement the better though - even with personalized websites NACHI’s free basic websites are also a great quick way for more exposure.

There are plenty of places on the web you can get a free web site, just be sure it’s helping (not harming) your business.

Some questions to ask when you’re looking at free web site solutions, before committing to a freebie site of your own:

  1. is the site under my own domain name (my domain, that I registered and control and therefore can transfer, in the event I want to advertise it on my business cards and materials, and later wish to change to a more extensive web solution).
  2. is the content fully editable so I can make the site unique to my business and services?
  3. can i put all of my contact information on the web site, and can I receive email from the web site, either directly or through a contact form?
  4. is the site about me and my company, or is it more about the provider of the free web site?
  5. will my visitors experience any pop-ups, ads or other annoyances as a result of visiting this site (this is a common issue with Geocities and Angelfire web sites)
  6. does the site project the professional image I want my customers to see?
  7. can I customize my web page design with my own logo and colors
  8. can I customize my page titles and metatags for optimal search engine results?
  9. will this be my primary business site, or simply a “bonus” site to increase my visibility online?
  10. is this a web site I can be proud of?

Yahoo Local, Angelfire, Geocities (Yahoo), MySpace, Blogspot, Tripod (Lycos), Bravenet, and NACHI all offer free web site space. IMHO, it doesn’t hurt to get extra web sites to help your SEO (search engine optimization / rankings), but your primary business site should be as clean and professional looking as possible. A professional looking web site doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg (or even a finger and a toe)… I’ve seen lots of inspectors get their sites up and running for less than $100, hosting and all.

Here’s what you can expect to spend on a typical site:
Domain name registration $8-10, maybe less
Hosting: $3-25+/month (or free, if you go with one of the solutions above)
Design: $0-300+ (template based solutions are usually the least expensive)
Your time: anywhere from 1 to 20+ hours, depending on how much content you want and whether or not you’re physically editing your web site.

Anyhow, there’s my 2 cents. Hope it helps.



Roberta will always get my vote and anyone that wants to truly listen,I will give them my 2 cents worth concerning the great work that Roberta does. :smiley: Keep up the great work Roberta. As for page ranking, Go to google and type in this to see where BeSure Home Inspection Service shows up on the page. Not bad if I may say so. :smiley: Things to look for when having home inspection All of the websites looks like grassfrog to me.