2006 ICC Deck Design Manual - Get your copy today - FREE

**ICC Deck Design Manual - **Prescriptive Residential Deck Construction Guide based on the 2006 International Residential Code from the American Forest & Paper Association website


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Thanks again for this great info. I had the oppourtunity to have need of it today. I think it may have saved my “banana”, and more importantly, my clients family. Other than the obvious attachment issues, I felt something was not quite right. Now I know! Anyone else notice the issue? (Hint: top of page 12 in link above).

Good pics Jeff, it’s funny how rare it is to see a “free standing” deck. But I see attachments like your pics in almost every new construction around here.

At least they will not have to rebuild the entire deck to correct the problem. They will just need to add an additional beam w/posts, and correct the ledger board/rim joist and fastners. Overall, the deck was in good condition, and fairly well built. It ‘almost’ looked like a free-standing deck. I shiver when I think of my client, his wife and three children having a BBQ one quiet summer evening, and the deck pulling away from the house. Five feet past the deck, there is a mildly steep hill dropping away for about 40 feet. Ouch!

Question…house built in 1996…I assume the deck was also. Anyone know how far back in IRC it was prohibited to attach a deck to cantlevered floor overhangs and bay windows? Yes, I know…I am calling it out for SAFETY anyway!!!