2009 IRC Deck Construction Guide

For those that don’t have this already…

AKA… “The Deck Bible”…

[size=4]Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide [/size]
[FONT=ADJCI O+ Franklin,Franklin Heavy]Based on the [/FONT][FONT=NABOG K+ Franklin Heavy,Franklin Heavy Italic]2009 International Residential Code [/FONT]


Good, go help Jeff.W on his balcony problem.:slight_smile:

How strange I had just gone through my copy when I saw this just popped up.

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate it.

2012 irc version

is this sites deck course outdated?

2012 irc deck construction guide

connector & fastening guide

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Jeff post was from 2010 Barry, I think you need more coffee. :mrgreen::mrgreen:
But yours is more current yes.

ur welcome

well aware of the op date

upping my medication of choice intake is beyond ur expertise! i
will be taken under advisement
will be addressed at next therapy session ;~))

Thanks for updating this thread Barry.

I have been subscribed to AWC for their updates and webinars for years. Good stuff.

I believe the 2015 version will be released in May (?). One of the changes will be the Span Tables for Southern Pine as the allowable distances have been reduced and thus will be more restrictive. Youse guys in areas (primarily East and Central) that depend on that species really need to stay up to date on the changes as I almost guarantee you many of your local builders won’t acknowledge the changes until caught in a violation.

You may consider being proactive and once the changes are official, print out a few “Tech Bulletins” from your company and have them ready as “Just an FYI” handouts for these builders and deck builder companies. They may not “Thank You” outright, but they may make the changes since now they know that others know. This could help avoid those nasty confrontations that only Barry enjoys! :wink:

In addition to Barry’s post about upcoming Webinars, here are a few links for AWC self-directed education from a recent email that I received…

AWC Self-Directed Learning Study

AWC is pleased to offer a new self-directed study learning program. We currently have 9 courses available for CEU credit, with more planned in the future. Simply watch a video or read an article, take a quiz, and earn your certificate. Courses currently available are:

Click on any of the links above to take the course, or visit our online courses page. Simply scroll to the desired course and click on the Self Study icon.
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me confrontational, naw
down here we don’t tease 'em, it just makes 'em meaner
some are just slower to learn & harder to help

current derated spans are covered in the webinar vid posted