2007 Top Gun Winner----YEP!

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to let you all know I represented NACHI in my presentation to Mike Holt and other leading electrical industry leaders and we all competed for Overall Top Gun honors that you may have read about a few weeks ago.

I have great news…Your own Electrical Educator ( ME ) won top honor in the NEC Code and Presenters/presentation contest of nationwide electrical educators/speakers at Mike Holts Educational Conference in orlando, FL.

Look for my picture on MikeHolt.com very soon and I just wanted to THANK all the members I have helped over the years for bringing me questions, calling me up at night or day to ask important questions and guys I take ALL of your questions to heart but …you all have made ME a better educator while working hard to teach you all as well.

I can honestly say I owe alot of my recent success to NACHI and you members as I am now speaking more all over the US on electrical issues and so on and gaining the recognition from it as well. I will also be on some of mike’s upcoming video’s and books in 2008 and so on…I am truly blessed.

This is not about me…it is about YOU…I thank you all for the past 2-3 years of allowing me to help you as it keeps me sharp and excited to help any of you any way I can…without you we have nothing.

So in closing…I did it for you guys…you motivate me and as always I am dedicated to being here for you…ANY of you…anytime.

Nick…i don’t know if you come into the electrical area much but I must tell you…Thank You for some advice you gave me 2-3 years ago and I am sure you dont remember…but I thank you my friend.

One last thing…NACHI RULES !!!

Way to go Paul . . . keep up the good work!

Great for Paul it shows how talented you are . Thanks for all your help

Congratulations Paul.

Next trip to Seattle, the burgers and golf are on me.


Way to go Paul!!!

Glad I could help you Paul;-)

Kidding, great job.

Great Job Paul!

Nice job Paul!

Well deserved Paul, long time fan bk. :smiley:

Hi Paul,

Congratulations mate, I don’t care what the others say…you’re OK with me :wink:



very nice!!!

Paul, I am hoping you will be kind enough to answer a question…honestly and objectively.

Over the past year, you have had a series of confrontations on this message board…with other “experts” and members…on a variety of issues. You took your lumps and sometimes, deservedly and undeservedly, got clobbered pretty good.

Yet…you stood your ground and earned a lot of respect in the process.

My question is…do you feel that your experiences in presenting and debating your ideas on this message board have helped you, personally, in any way to obtain the level of success you currently enjoy?

KUDOS to you Paul.

I told you months ago you were “Obi Wan” and you poo pooed me. Congrats and good job.:wink:
Now, get back to work.

Uno Guru

Come On James, Paul Has The Spotlight.


Yes it has, You know I learned that everyone has their own opinions an I felt that my lumps were rather mini bumps as I try to stay within my comfort zone as it pretains to electrical issues…which is where my specialty is. But I have ventured outside of my comfort zone on many topics if anything to join in on the fellowship we have all grown to know as just being NACHI"FIED"…

I have also ventured outside my comfort zone or area of expert opinion to support things, I have also been asked to do so as well on some things only to learn that I should not do it.....in my industry and the direction my career is going now which is to close my electrical contracting business effective 2008 and travel and teach 100% and someday SHARE the stage with Mike Holt......this is my goal and my passion.

In the past 2-3 years I would NOT be the same person I am today and feel the same passion I do for tomorrow without the drive and fellowship of people like yourself and all the other NACHI brothers and sisters…

In fact one of my weaknesses is emotions…and when I think of all the things I have achieved so far at 37 years old…I get emotional because I now know what the next 37 years will be like…educating others and making sure everyone who ever pays to see me…get their monies worth and my total devotion…and james…you know YOU have it along with every member here…I owe you all so much for making me better at what i do by asking me the questions…and I thank you all for it.

I really can’t get any more personal than that and I am sure someone will say I am getting overly personal but it is weeks like this that validate that what we do is worth it and reaching others.

Thanks, Paul, and congrats again on your well deserved honor.

I can only say, congratulations, Paul…You Da Guru!!:wink: