Paul Abernathy brings home the trophy for NACHI!

NACHI’s Electrical Educator Paul Abernathy took 1st place and overall Top Gun honors at the Mike Holt Educators Conference in Orlando, FL. Competing against some of the nations leading educators Paul competed in the National Electrical Code and in his presentation of NACHI and home inspectors put him over the top to win and represent NACHI in a whole new light in helping to bridge the educational and communication gap to develop a better union among the two industries.

Congrats Paul!

Congratulations Paul.You deserve all the Kudos you collect.

Congrats Paul!

Good to have you around here.:slight_smile:

Well, okay!, you electrical guru, you! Congratulations!:smiley:

Nice Job Paul!

You are the man! Or “Guru” shall we say!


Great job Paul. Thank you for promoting NACHI.

Good job, Paul.

Way to go Paul, keep spreading the love…

Way to go Paul :wink:

Great Job Paul!!

Congratulations Paul.

A huge step forward for the Home Inspection Industry and NACHI. Fantastic work Paul.

Congrats are not enough in my book. I consider this as being worthy of consideration for the NACHI Member of the Year. Hopefully one of your constituents will place your name in nomination.

**Outstanding, another feather on your cap Paul! No wonder NACHI is so strong.=D> **



Thank you Mr. B…the biggest honor I could have in life to be honest with you is when I help a NACHI member…and they REALLY get what i am saying and it helped them…now that feeling is priceless.

Thank you all for the kind words…


I would like to add my congratulations to your win.

Continued success!

Best regards,

Good job, Paul. Knew you could do it.

Bridging the electrician abd home inspector industry? Is this the final signs before the End of Days. The Lion lying down with the Lamb (you choose which is which for yourself :mrgreen: ).

Seriously, Paul, great job and well deserved.

Congrats Paul.