2008 Inspection Universe

Is there going to be a NACHI Universe Conference in 2008? When/Where?

Kevin Goff
Goff Home Inspections

I don’t see anything in the near future…


I think the plan is to have our convention in Vegas in Feb.08. If that is what your asking.
Inspection Universe is something else alltogether.

INSPECTION UNIVERSE has come and gone.

The 2008 VEGAS convention has a twist to it.

There will be a lot of educational courses like like last year.



When did start stuttering?laugh2.gif


like…like…I believe that’s “valley girl” talk.:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Thank you for the feedback and thank you David for the information.

Ah yes, Las Vegas. The home of the 7.00 bottle of beer as compared to .75 10 years ago. Looks like all the home inspection conferences are moving to exceptionally expensive Las Vegas. As a Michigander, I love February-April conferences in sunny Florida. Plus it’s the same time zone.

I’ts a bit odd to hear a group the size of NACHI is planning a conference in February when there’s no information available for planning purposes by mid-November! We’ll see! Free is good. It will help make up the added airline costs for booking so close to the flight date.

Cold, broke and bitter in foreclosed Michigan,


Oops - I forgot about the picture of the educational classes - OK- I’ll be there!