See You At Inspection Unviverse

See You At Inspection Unviverse. I will be one of the speakers and teaching on IR.
Inspection Universe 2008

** July 31 - Aug 3**

Nice going John.

Thanks Brian. Will you be there? I wonder who all is going?

I doubt it John, busy time here.

I will be speaking about E&O insurance and risk management if anyone is in need of an hour-and-a-half nap.


LOL… I can hardly wait.:slight_smile:

I’ll bring the pillows, you bring the blankets John.

All the NACHI girls will be there…watch out Ben.

Keep your distance from me this time. I can’t have a repeat performance of Vegas :wink:

Aww Ben you’ll have to watch the party from afar. That doesn’t sound like fun.

Is Inspection Universe still on? Every link I click for information takes me to Pro Lab where there is no information.

Word on the street is that it was cancelled.


After the big build-up you gave your presentations on this thread…and it was cancelled? You have to be kidding.:wink:

Does this come as any surprise???

Would have been nice if they had let all their speakers and exhibitors know, it would have been better than finding out here! :shock:

I think there is a plan, for those who miss this thread, to get the word at the hotel when they check in.:wink:

Glad I looked for more information on it before booking the flight…

I know some people are just plain convention weary from talking to them, plus the amount of time away from working, expense of going, lost revenue. The last convention (Orlando) had some major speed bumps happen through no fault of Nachi. The hotel and staff turned out to be pirates. Everything costs way more than it should and withheld at the last minute. I have to say the Nachi folks jumped through their grommets to get things done on short notice and went above and beyond. There were some individuals who stepped up to the plate as well. That particular hotel layout was a suck pile; hard to get around and after a while just became annoying. We (our crew) left a day early just to get the hell away from there.

Hey Ben;

Why don’t you and John offer your training and or speaking expertise to the ITA convention in Vegas next year. They always have an event and they seem to get a pretty good crowd. Also seems more centrally located for the INACHI membership. I’m sure ITA would love to have the INACHI support that Pro-Lab gets.

What do you think?

Great idea, but I don’t see a software vendor (ITA) allowing Dom (competitor) to give a presentation.