2008 NEC Changes- Analysis

Hey Guys and Gals,

For those that are interested I am in the process of a new feature on my website www.theelectricalguru.com that explaines the changes in the 2008 NEC in layman terms. I will be adding articles on the changes in the 2008 NEC and images as I find them to help explain the changes.

I happen to have (2) over on the site right now explaining the changes to 680.71 Protection ( hydromassage tubs ) and 680.74 Bonding (hydromassage tubs ) which are what you see mostly in regards to tubs in homes with jets and are emptied after each bath so to speak…

Many myths about the bonding requirements of those units as well…if you get a chance whip on over to www.theelectricalguru.com and visit our message board and sign up or just come to read the analysis of the changes as we add them weekly.