Here's a free 2008 NEC Update book!

Here’s a free 2008 NEC Update book!

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**Here’s an interesting item to be considered for 2011! :roll: **

**Section 300.4(G)(NEW) **

Protection Against Physical Damage;
Protection to Outlet Boxes During Construction

Add a new subsection to 300.4 to read:

“(G) Protection of Outlet Boxes During Construction. The open front of both metal and
nonmetallic electrical outlet boxes shall be temporarily covered to protect insulated
electrical conductors from physical damage or deterioration due to power routers, plaster
spray, spray foam insulation, and other potential damage during construction. The covers
shall be constructed of a nonmetallic material and shall be clearly marked “Not for
Permanent Installation”.”

This proposal was put on “Hold” pending the recommendation of a Task Group made up of
members of CMP’s 1, 3 and 9 to correlate the issue during the 2011 Code cycle.

**Analysis of Change:

**The intent of this proposal is to protect the box wiring from the effects of router bits during
dry wall installation. As mentioned above, this proposal was put on hold until the 2011 cycle.

It is interesting to note that CMP #9 rejected a similar proposal during this same cycle.

B - S !!!

I DO make certain my wires are either out of the way, or I use Bradley Construction Blanks. But why should I be forced to cover for someone else’s inadequacies in their trade???
How about be make a building code change to force drywallers to NOT have their damn router bits sticking 2" out of the tool???
This proposed change proves my point that no one in this country wants to be held responsible for their actions anymore. :mad:

Did something wrong? Hell, blame it one someone else!
Or…pass some new law to protect you from your own stupidity. :mad: :mad: :mad:

Speedy…as sometimes happens…what you have is a company that probably submitted this because i noticed in NEC Digest i believe…that someone is making the exact cover being talked about in that proposal…

I like when you get to back charge the drywallers. Some people say it can’t happen, but you need to submit the bill to the GC.


Do they really think that little plastic cover, or a plastic box will stop a carbide router bit? I have a groove in my concrete driveway that says I doubt a rocker would even know he hit it. Other than the noise, I doubt a metal box/cover is stopping a router

“in unfinished basements and in garages and accessory buildings that have a floor located at or below grade level not intended as habitable rooms and limited to storage areas, work areas and areas of similar use.”

I’m a bit confused: are “storage areas, work areas and areas of similar use” included or excluded from the GFCI requirements?

They already have a device for this around here. It’s called cardboard.

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2008 NEC Code Changes is now available