2009 Condo Wind Mit

What is the date for new construction after which all openings need to be hurricane protected outside the HVHZ? I’m at a 2009 condo and all windows/doors are protected but the garage door is not. See sticker:

Would you suspect the sticker is wrong?

Mike look up the Florida Approval Number. The door meets ANSI/DASMA or TAS 202. Its not impact rated so depending if it is glazed or not. If all glazed openings meet A than I belive this would be A with A2.


There’s the link

The door has no glazing. When I look here I see that it is impact rated - see second sentence.


So, it is a hurricane rated door?

My understanding is this (someone correct me if I am wrong)…

Non-glazed openings in most areas outside of the HVHZ currently do not have to be impact rated. Many are only wind rated.

From what I see the non-glazed overhead garage door is not impact rated.

Also, the term “hurricane” rated confuses many homeowners. They believe “hurricane” = impact rated and it does not. Many products sold as “hurricane” rated are only wind rated and not impact rated.

Yes, impact rated for outside hvhz if no glazing.

Your approval does not appear to be the correct one. Use the FL6218.23 approval, 2004 FBC (stated on sticker). Clopay W5 should be impact rated without glazing, outside the HVHZ.

Okay thanks - I guess I need to search by the FL approval number not the Clopay product code. Too bad both don’t lead to the same info.