Big Box Stores Strike Again

Just did a wind mitigation for a client whom I originally performed a home inspection and wind mit back in 2009. Because they were changing companies obviously they needed a new report on the current form
They were happy to see me again and had a nice chat before starting the inspection; he was proud to show me the brand new fiberglass “hurricane” entry door with the product approval label still legible as he was careful to paint around it.
I guess the boys at the big box store do not know that the fancy leaded glass insert is tempered safety glass and not laminated safety glass.
As the other egress door is a glass slider and must be protected, their only choice is to buy another solid metal door to be put in place during a storm or to install an accordion system that can be opened from the inside without the use of a key or special tool. Big box store strikes again
Wonder how much loosing their opening protection credit is going to cost these folks

See it all the time. Big stickers on the doors “Hurricane Code Approved”, should be outlawed as it only applies to the pressure testing. Around here the local code allows glazed replacement units, up to 25% of the total exterior glazing, to be installed without impact protection. The owners are unaware of this and assume the unit is impact rated even though we are in a WBDR.

Hurricane ≠ Impact Rated

Would love to see the sticker off of that door.
If any product says ‘Hurricane Code approved’ it implies that it meets the impact code as well as pressure. Saying ‘code approved’ does not. All windows and doors have to be code approved to be installed on the exterior of a property. The approval says whether it requires impact protection as well.

Sometimes the sticker says unless glazed or something to that effect.

Tell people all the time if they ever upgrade make sure it says impact rated.
So many homeowners are proud to show me the hurricane rated documents that don’t mean anything.

I am sure you did but always make sure you check both sides of the double pane glass. A lot of the time the outside piece is tempered and the inside with be impact