Impact rated garage door

The pictures below are of a non glazed over head garage door located in Saint Lucie County with a 2004 permit application date. All other openings in the home are protected with labeled impact resistant coverings. A) all openings are protected with impact rated coverings or (B) all openings are fully protected with devices that can not be identified as Miami Dade or Florida Building code approved

No FBC approval.
Just says built to the standard ?

Probably not. It must have undergone the tests for impact. If it lists wind load and not impact ratings many times that is a sign that it is only a wind resistant door.

Have the client contact the manufacturer and make sure whatever identifying numbers are on the door match any NOA you get.

I have had people try to give me NOA’s for products they do not have. Good luck.

U just need the noa/FBC approval

The door is in St lucie county, so does not need to be rated for large missile impact. It only needs to be rated for wind resistance. Only garage doors in HVHZ need to be impact rated.

It does on the 1802 to get the “A” rating. Not enough information on the sticker to clasify as impact. Sure looks like an impact door though.

You figured out the point in my post. Even thought the door is labeled as meeting the requirements of the 2001 FBC which it does, because this area is not in the HVAZ the 2001 FBC does not require non glazed garage doors to be impact rated. So this home like probably 85% of homes built after the 2001 code went into affect would still not qualify for a protected opening discount. It would be nice if the OIR and the FBC would get together on this issue.
The price difference between a wind rated door and a impact rated door would cost the builder about 250 but would save the end user how much in discounts over the years

Winds mits have not much to do with the codes.

It is just things the insurance companies have agreed that are worth discounts.

The sticker should have the fl # (community affairs web site) or the product approval noa (, link to the bldg dept , product control search)


have the home owner call the installer or manufacturer and get the docs.