200v outlet / 220-240v appliance

My apartment is wired for 200v but my laundry centre is a 3375w, 220-240v 18A 50Hz appliance. Can this be safely and efficiently used via a 200v outlet??

Contact a local licensed electrician.

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Your apartment building is probably wired as 120 /208 volts (typical voltage coming from a 3 phase system). Single family homes are wired as 120 /240 volts single phase systems…
120 /240 v appliances will still work fine when plugged into 120 /208 v systems, the only difference you’d probably notice is the heating elements don’t get as hot simply due to the reduced wattage, which will result in slightly longer drying cycles.


Hi Joe, I omitted to mention that the apartment is wired for both 110V and 200V - would your reply remain as it is?

Yes, same reply… voltages can fluctuate slightly depending on time of day, utility Co. power supply, calibration of meter used when readings taken, etc, but the output voltages are intended to be 120 /240 or, as what appears to be in your case, 120 /208, meaning all your lights & plugs operate at the 120 volt level while your dryer, stove and electric baseboard heaters (if you have electric heat) operate at the 208 or 240 volts.

Thank you, Joe, for the time you’ve taken to reply. God bless and stay safe.

What country are you in?

You’re welcome Joy, but good question Robert, I just assumed she was in north America.

I’m in Barbados

Sorry Joy, I’ve not been to Barbados and don’t know their power configuration, but still think my initial comments are valid (give or take a few volts) but you should consult a local electrician to confirm. All the best

Hi Joe, I have consulted with a local electrician (I believe he is licensed) and he is to get back to me.

Thanks once again.


Let us know what he said, Joy, K?

I reminded him late yesterday evening and he said he would call me this morning but I have not heard from him yet. Will nudge him and let you know :slight_smile:

Hi Larry, Joe and Robert,

I still haven’t heard from the electrician but I noticed the number “15” on the breaker switch. I understand this number to mean 15 amps. The laundry centre states “18A 50Hz” but goes on to state 2.2A for the washer motor and 2.3A for the dryer motor.

Does the “18A” on the appliance mean its overall operation is over the capacity and that breakers will trip if I use the machine without a step-down transformer?


I’m not familiar with your appliances but you are correct, the 15 on the breaker would indicate it’s a 15 amp breaker. The 2.2 & 2.3 amps you show are the running current draw, or motor amps. The concern would be the electrical load from the dryer heating elements, assuming they are electrical and not gas-fired.

The 18 amp rating at 50 hertz may be the total amp draw at your 200 volts (across a double-pole breaker). Your local electrician should be able to answer that question fairly easily over the phone. The things he’ll need to know would be:

  1. Are your appliances separate units, each individually plugged in or are they a one-piece combination /stacked unit.
  2. Is the washer plugged into a standard 15 amp circuit with the dryer connected to a separate double-pole breaker, or, in the case of a combo-unit (one power supply connection for both) does it plug into a single or double-breaker circuit.

Ok. So without a stepdown transformer to a 110v outlet, plugging the appliance directly into the 200v socket could well cause breakers to trip - or some other disturbing issue to occur??

I don’t know if the power needed for your setup is 110 volt single phase (hot to neutral) or 200 volts (across two hots with a double-pole breaker) so looking for a step-down transformer is premature until all those concerns are known, that’s where your local electrician comes in. Sorry, I should have just stayed out of this conversation altogether and let the 2nd comment in this thread stand… consult your local electrician.
Please do post a follow-up comment once you get this resolved. All the best.

Hi Joe,

Haven’t heard from the electrician but I telephoned his father who is the landlord’s agent. He said the 200v outlet was installed for small appliances. (I am not sure what will happen when a new tenant has an air conditioner or some other 220v appliance as the trend is an unwillingness to accommodate).

By the way, the apartment is wired for both 110V and 200V. All the 110Vs breaker switches show 20A but it’s only the 200V switch that shows 15A.

Will use the washer part only as I don’t plan on purchasing a step-down transformer for use with the 110V outlet but will, instead, move to another apartment that is suitably wired.

Thanks so much for the time you’ve taken to respond to me - I really appreciate it! Take car


Haven’t heard from the electrician but his father, the landlord’s agent, said the 200v outlet is for small appliances - not washers. He’s risen to 85% hard to accommodate!. By the way, the apartment is wired for both 110V and 200V. Will be using the washer part only until I move to a suitably wired apartment. Thanks to Simon, Larry, Robert and yourself for the time each of you has taken to respond to me - I really appreciate it. Take good care of yourselves gents!