2012 Home Inspector Conference.


I hope to see you there Nick! =)

I hope Nick brings along Paige! She is funner to look at.:oops:

We will have a demo at the conference for anyone who would like to see the Little Giant Conquest.

THANK YOU so much to Ted Hartman of Little Giant Ladder Systems for making a Conquest Little Giant Ladder Available for demo at our conference.

The Best Ladder for Home Inspectors

This will be a great event.

We are very lucky to have Dave Francis National Safety Director for Little Giant Ladders attending our conference.

You can see him HERE

Dave travels the nation educating people on ladder safety. We are lucky that he has some time on Saturday August 18th for a presentation.

THANK YOU so very much Dave!!!

Looking forward to it!

Tick tock it’s just around the corner:D

Just contracted with the Bus company to take us all to Universal City Walk Friday night!

So much more to post… coming later.

! :slight_smile:

2012 Home Inspector Conference

City Walk sounds good
any up date on Florida CEU’s for the classes offered

no. No news for FL CEU’s … but 1 hour of InterNACHI CEU’s for ever hour attended.

I bought and used my 28’ SumoStance ladder it is awesome!!!

Thanks to little giant for the demo at the conference and safety class!

Today using my ladder I felt safer and it was easier to handle!!!




John, how much does that big boy weigh?

59 lbs. It is lighter than a comparable fiberglass

Several contractor have already stopped me to check out the ladder. If you missed the conference and did not get the ladder safety class. You should check out nachi’s or little giants on-line versions. If this ladder saves me from one fall I may never know, but it is nice to know I am doing all I can to not get severely injured.

John did they display the “conquest”? That one looks nice.


Yes they did. I bought it. :smiley:

Nice… I use their original ladder. I guess the “classic”. It’s just getting too heavy to lug around lately. I’m upgrading to the “conquest” as well. Fiberglass makes a world of difference weightwise and also a lot safer in the vecinity of power lines!