Whats Your Go To Ladder

New inspector here in Texas, and just curious as to what ladders most carry on inspections. Is a multi-use ladder such as the little giant getting most jobs done or multiple ladders needed? Thanks and excited about being a part of this community.

Welcome to the forum! I carry the little giant, I think it is model 26. Also carry a 16’ telescoping ladder and a 6’ stepladder. I use the telescoping ladder the most. Don’t go cheap on any ladder.

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Great information… Thanks for the link Marc

I’ve only ever used an Xtend+Climb been in business since 2002 and on my 2nd one. It has worked well in very tight locations and has been reliable.

I purchased the 12.5 foot on Amazon.

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X&C is the only one I would use.

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95% of the time (get the black one because bare aluminum ladders will leave black oxidation marks on your hands, clothing, etc.)

Also carry 22ft Little Giant (U.S. Made version) and had a 32ft Extension.

Quality ladders cost money (you’re a pro and will trust your well being them daily). Be sure to get Type-1A rated.

You don’t have a ladder that is taller than 12.5’?

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Yeah, I drive a Prius and most of my business is 1-story condos, besides 2nd story roofs aren’t safe. :smile:

I’ve used Xtend-n-Climb ladders exclusively for 15+ years. I carry an 8.5’, 12.5’, and 15.5’ in my truck. I replace them every couple years, or whenever they start to feel less than adequate. Your ladders are the one piece of equipment that can kill you if they’re not perfect.