Ladder poll

Extend and Climb](
Telesteps 1800W wide-300lb.](

Little Giant](

After my near death experience with Telesteps, I will not use anything but my Gorilla Folding, or my Werner Fiberglass step ladders for short heights, attic access, etc.

Those are exactly what I use also. Great minds… :wink:

What a Drama Queen.

Man you got that right Jeff…wow…I will NEVER risk my life (again) for the sake of using something simple and light to get to some location if I fell it would HURT—:shock:—:lol:

the Gorilla, Cosco and Werner are very very similar products, but i believe the Werner is the most affordable.

Now those Extend N Climb are not bad, I tried Brians, it is much heavier and sturdier than the Telesteps, if I was going to buy an extendable type, that would be my choice.

Bloodless, bruiseless, broken bone-less Queen----;-)—:lol:

More than I can say for you ole buddy----:twisted:

Break anything this week?..I mean bones----:lol:----](*,)

maybe you can talk Brian into doing an XTEND-N-CLIMB video for us, you could drive your lil’ red truck :cool:

Good idea Bear—I should make it soon, he ain’t long for this world between ladders and Cycles…I ain’t sure which one will take him to the daisy field first----:stuck_out_tongue:

He would have to get his foot ‘outta’ the bucket, before he could ‘kick’ it !!! :p:D

ya killin’ me :D:D:D

No broken bones ever documented Dale. :smiley:

A few parts have seperated now and again. :wink:

Brian makes it soooooo easy !!! :D:twisted::smiley:

That is just mean. :twisted:

Seems like most of the pictures I’ve seen of inspector vehicles are trucks and vans. Any particular reason why the folding and collapsible ladders are favored over traditional ladders? Sure seems like you could put a ladder rack on your vehicle and use traditional equipment. I can’t say that I have any near death stories to share when using normal extension ladders and stepladders. On a related note, the Werner automatic ladder leveler for the extension ladder is the cat’s back side. Had one on all my extension ladders for a couple years now, and I don’t know how I worked without them.

Exactly Marc…it boils down to laziness I think…:lol:

But there are many inspectors driving cars, or only have a car, I like trucks which I can put my ladder rack on and take an extension ladder for commercial buildings.

I don’t know if you have ever used one of the Gorilla folding extendable type or not, but their about as close and you can get to a real extension ladder only with many more different uses available.

Little Giant. Have used it for 9 years and counting. No problems.

I found out early on that I did not enjoy lugging my Werner ladder through peoples houses day in and day out.

It is a little unwieldy indoors. (Opps, sorry, was that tv new?)

And there were times I could not unfold it to get to some attic hatches. :frowning: (Pantries)

I found that the telescoping ladder is easier to use for me and fits quite nicely in the very back of my 4runner.

I have used a Little Giant for the past 6 years and have never had a problem with it. There are copycat ladders out there be careful.

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