2022 Thermal training

I’ve finished both of the courses on thermal imaging. I feel I’m lacking in knowledge and the practical use of a thermal camera. That’s said I’m looking into two different training courses, ITC/Monroe infrared and Infraspection institute.

Can those who have attended any one of these training courses chime in. What’s was your experience? Did you feel competent when finished? And which course did you take starting out?

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I did Flir ITC and recommend that and I hear Monroe is good too.

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I did the Monroe Certified Residential Thermographer course and highly recommend it. For home inspectors, who, typically are not going to be doing more technical thermography, it is all we need.

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Just because a Thermal Camera can do many applications, does not mean the operator can do them.

You must know everything about what your pointing the camera at. Taking training for one specialty in mind is what you need.

My first training with ITC Flir was in Building Science (no longer available). The first half day, they crammed Lvl I training down our throats, then the rest of the time was just about building envelopes.

I took Lvl III training when all Lvl III Instructors at ITC Flir who were called in and required to retake the new version developed by Dr. Madden. When we got to talking about building applications, he knew enough to draw on the 3-4 of us who primarily deal with buildings to help with that part of the training. So I recommend you select the trainer that knows what you plan to use IR for.

It would also help if they have someone on staff who can help you with other IR applications, should you evolve to that point.

I would also recommend that you do on site training rather than online if you can. I have learned more and received more help from the other thermographers attending the class (during and years after the course). The training you get, never covers all the stuff you may need to know.

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I used ITC, but I have associated with Infraspection over many years also. Jim is a walking library with all kinds of follow-up training material. Inspection standards for all applications, proposal/contract templates etc.

A lot of people seem to like the Monroe experience. Seems to address Home Inspection procedure, which is what your looking for,

You may want to consider a trainer that has sequential training as you progress. Your not learning new subjects, you progress deeper on what you previously learned and used from the previous training. Trust me, can not absorb it all in one course. As you have said.

You have learned something from those courses, but you realize there is more to this stuff… :+1:

Thank you to everyone for the response’s. But here is my dilemma. I work in commercial building maintenance, and I would like to eventually use thermal imaging for my current career.

So I want to take the level 1 certification course. But I hear many are suggesting the CRT course which is designed for home inspectors. Personally I don’t like to have just enough training just for the current task at hand. Even if I don’t ever pursue it any further I would like to have that option in the future. You know the whole hope for the best prepare for the worst kind of mentality.

So here’s my question, should I just take both? Or would the level 1 certification course do the job?

Then you actually need to take Lvl I & II for roofing inspection.
It is not “required” but it is requested by clients these days.

Take the course you need. Lvl I thru Lvi III covers everything you need to know for any and all IR applications. They cover all the theory, procedure and science you need to do anything, not just how to do a Home Inspection. One course does not prepare you for it all. It is progression over time between training and work experience. You can also pick up on specialties after your training through conventions and specific training modules. ITC & Infraspection train this way and provide these additional training opportunities.

Feel free to give me a call and discuss this in more detail. There is a lot to consider if your not just into it for Home Inspection

Thank you, I’ve signed up for the lvl 1 thermography course with ITC/Monroe. Ive purchased the Flir E8 for class, unfortunately I won’t be able to attend a live training. But I plan to do so for the lvl 2 towards the end of the year.

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For many. Lvl II is the “Ah Ha Moment” when things really seem to come together.