FREE IR Training

FREE IR Training

This is a link to the live webinars

This is a link to the free classes listed below. The Ex series is geared for E6 camera users. They are prerecorded but interactive. There are also training classes for FLIR tools software and a thermography basics class. The thermography basics class is 2.5 hrs, manual available to download, and a short exam at the end. If you pass the exam, ITC will email you a certificate.

**WEB-IR60 Ex Series Basics **

This course will introduce you to the operation of the FLIR E4/E5/E6 and E8 infrared camera series. This course is a self paced on-demand web course, you can start as soon as you enroll and you can stop and continue where you left off at any time. There is NO CHARGE for course. Updated 2013-12-31

**WEB-SW25 Getting Started with FLIR Tools **

FLIR Tools is a software suite specifically designed to provide an easy way to update your infrared camera and create inspection reports. There is NO CHARGE for this course. Updated 2014-01-08.

**WEB-TH10 Thermography Basics **

This course is a primer or first course in thermography and serves as an excellent, and recommended, addition to the infrared camera basics operation courses. Thermography involves more than just learning how to use an infrared camera. IR science, heat transfer, thermal tuning, and application knowledge are all essential subjects. 2 ITC Certification Renewal, 2 RCI Continuing Educational Hours (CEHs). This course is FREE.

Enjoy :wink:

Thanks John! Looking forward to the class on Saturday and Sunday.

TY John .
I’m a sponge and Ill take part in these fully
Just purchased the Infraspection/NACHI course
Nick set up as well and it’s enroute .

I’m loving this tool in my arsenal for inspections now
here’s lil snippet of just one of many from 3 inspections
yesterday in Ann Arbor…

The TIR32 Fluke was outstanding and had the clients amazed.

That vaulted ceiling was 20’ up and the canned light had all the
blown in fiberglass missing from the proximity.


So, how did you report on that?

Maybe the last inspector told the owners to move it away.

If that fixture is NON-IC rated you must not have insulation covering it without a “baffle”

I hope you didn’t just report the condition to the homeowner without inspecting the rating of the fixture or at least warning them about the possibility of it being a non rated recessed light.

If they just cover it in loose insulation, the best case is the light will trip the thermal overload and flick on and off as it heats and cool, the worst, well we don’t want to talk about that.

They sell special boxes that go around a NON-IC rated fixture. The building official in my area used to let you use chicken wire to create your own baffle but now they prefer the listed box or you can create one of your own out of FC sheetrock.

John Meara

From the photo of the attic, you didn’t need an IR imager to tell you that.

I reported that the insulation was disturbed and not properly covering the surface as it should.

The canned lights are all IC Rated in this new condo and all were covered appropriately .

True you could see it without IR but I knew exactly where some problems were before I even climbed into the attic…

I inspected a a good portion of the lighting and they were all IC rated and fully covered in Blown in .


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