ProThermographers, infrared training?

Has anyone dealt with Professional Thermographers Association, based in Seattle, for infrared training? Or other training you can recommend close to Seattle?
Appreciate any feedback.
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You should get a members list of their upper level members. Then cross reference that with their past work history, if possible.

There are a handful of IR guys out there that do not train, and yet know more than 99% of all trainers.

Another good free resource is engineering type of message boards. There are guys in those types of boards that will blow your mind with what they use IR and related technologies for. Guys that work in industries that use IR on a daily basis, or are dedicated thermographiers for large companies that do it all day long.

Jason Kaylor – JJ
VP of Specialty Products
AC Tool Supply](
Fluke Thermal Imagers
Fluke Meter
Duct Blaster
Fluke TiR](
Retrotec Duct & Blower Door](

Dale: Give this a shot

I just finished the 2 day course last week, it was quite challenging. John is a knowledgeable and patient teacher, Ive been looking for a while now, and it is quite the deal for the money.

I would like to clarify that 90% of John’s class is geared towards residential building Thermography. (If that’s what you are looking for)

Thanks Michael & Jason
The next question is - Michael, did you take the two day course online or in a classroom setting? It seems that in-person with the instructor would be useful, but appreciate feedback.

It is an online course, but a LIVE online course. You can ask John any question, and get a response. (phone is availible too, but im an internet junkie) You can call me if you wish, EST after 9 tomorrow.

During our onsite (on location) class we set up a screen and turn down the
lights so everyone can see the projector screen as I teach the class.

During our online (internet) class everyone downloads the same exact
materials to their computer, before the class. Then everyone looks
at their computer screen as I teach the class via the internet. There
is no difference between the online class or the onsite class. Both
classes are live and we have plenty of Q&A during each day.

Check it out…

Our infrared certified class is fast paced, testing on each day, and a field
assignment. When you come to class, get ready to rock and roll.

Plus our IR students have access to the lowest price infrared cameras
in the USA and get free interNACHI renewals.