220v outlet identification

So what type of outlet is this? tia.

Single straight blade receptacle, 30A, 250 VAC, 2-pole, 3-wire, NEMA configuration 6-30

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Used for what typically? Commercial use? This was for a dryer outlet.

It works if the dryer has the Nema 6-30P to go along with it.

Any modern clothes dryer circuit should have a 4-wire cord and plug. The days of sharing the neutral and EGC ended with the 2005 NEC.

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I’m still on a 3-wire Robert and that picture don’t look like a new build. Mine is 67’. Can you explain why a 4 wire is required?

Sure the 2005 NEC eliminated the use of a 3-wire branch circuit for a clothes dryer, although existing 3-wire circuits are still permitted to be used any new installation would require the use a 4-wire branch circuit and 4-wire cord and plug. This explanation is from the 2005 NEC handbook:

The exception to 250.140 applies only to existing branch circuits supplying the
appliances specified in 250.140. The grounded conductor (neutral) of newly installed
branch circuits supplying ranges and clothes dryers is no longer permitted to be used
for grounding the non–current-carrying metal parts of the appliances. Branch circuits
installed for new appliance installations are required to provide an equipment
grounding conductor sized in accordance with 250.122 for grounding the non–current-
carrying metal parts.

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Thanks, but the OP was actually asking, " So what type of outlet is this?"
Do you agree with the plug type I posted as to what it is for the sake of answering his question.

Yes, you posted the correct configuration, a 30 amp, 250 volt 3 pole receptacle (NEMA 6-30R). Joshua said that this is being used a dryer receptacle. What significant about this configuration is that there is no equipment grounding conductor which post 2005 NEC is required.

That was not even the standard configuration for a 3 wire dryer.

I have seen those type on the old mangle type irons.

This electrical outlet looks to be for an window unit AC at one point.

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