Electric dryer hard wired

Im trying to figure out if this electric dryer connection is ok, I havent seen one before like this. It appears to be hard wired to the outlet , then covered. Thoughts?

an elctric clothes dryer? One would think that it runs on 220, the typicall outles is wired for 110. If the pic shown is what you think, I would call it incorrect.

BTW, the recepticle has already smoked before, see the blackeded color over the top outlet. Write that up too.

there is nothing correct about that…

Are you sure that it’s connected to the receptacle and not a separate circuit run in NM cable? It appears to be a 10/3 which would be standard for an electric dryer.

As far as the 120 receptacle, that could have been heat from a wall wart.

My thoughts too. Will probably rub off with your finger. :slight_smile:

Thanks for reply. There is a dedicated 220 breaker for the dryer, just don’t know what is going on behind that wall. This wiring just appears wrong, and I will call it out.

It was an accepted installation (in this area) many years ago so not an unusual find.
Not acceptable by today’s standards however…

What would you call out as the issues?

Was it really hard wired to the dryer or did it have one of these hanging from the end of the NM cable? :shock: Either way, I would recommend repair.


I would note as a direct connect from the service panel breaker to the appliance (disconnect breaker in panel only means of disconnect).
This was a common installation in all areas here from 10 to plus more years…
Recommend installation of a Receptacle at the wall
and plug cable at the appliance to correct.
(as long as the breaker is adequate for the new appliance).
In some cases the cable and breaker may need upgrade as well…

Larry, as far as I was able to tell, the connection was through the wall. It was a new dryer as well, so it should have been corrected when new dryer was installed.

Certainly the 10 wire cannot be fed from the outlet (220 vs. 110) plus, there probably wouldn’t be enough room in a single box for the outlet, the 12 wire and a 10 wire.

My guess is that it is a home run to the dryer breaker in the panelbox.

Definately write it up as a non-standard type installation.

Good luck with that!

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whe you buy a dryer it does not come with a cord, you must buy it seprately, the owner likely thought it should be hardwired.

Are clothes dryers specifically prohibitive from being hard wired?

I know it cant be wired in such a way that it has no means of being disconnected or powered down. if the dryer isnt in the same room as the service panel, it is definately illegal. if its in the same room, i’m frankly not 100% sure on it, but still seems wrong.