225A main breaker

First time I have seen this - CL200 meter with a 225A main breaker - is this a problem?

No, it is not a problem.


A 15-amp “rated” meter can be used on a 200 amp service. The meter rating is simply a calibration rating, and has absolutely no bearing on the service capacity.

There are no 15 amp “rated” meters that are safe. The last ones ever used were made in the early 1900’s. TA15 is different and not a load rating by any means. Here you can get everything you ever wanted to know about meters classes, test amps and load ratings. http://www.cdfa.ca.gov/dms/programs/devices/EPO39.pdf

I think Jeff is refering to “test amps” which may be 15, 30 etc which has nothing at all to do with rated current. Its simply the current at which they calibrated the meter. TA ratings should never even be discussed because too many inspectors get it confused with meter CL and load ratings.

The rated current comes from the “meter class” which is stated as CL.
A CL 15 is unsafe and wrong anywhere. A TA 15 is ok for use up to the CL rating indicated on it.

A 225 amp panel is within reason for a CL200 meter but strictly speaking, technically wrong. I doubt the power company would change it and no inspector should be concerned with it.

They replaced my CL200 with a CL320 when I asked them to since the house has a 320amp meter panel with two 200 amp main panels.

That’s what I said :wink:

However, as I also said, the CL rating and/or calibration rating has no bearing on the service capacity. In addition, the meter belongs to the utility company and they have no obligation to change out the meter regardless of its rating.

Southern California Edison (SCE) and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power (LADWP) use CL200 meters on all residential services under 400 amps, however, there are still thousands of 15 amp meters still in use on services of 400 amps or less.

Their position is that these meters are perfectly “safe.” The only concern is that these older meters may not give accurate readings at higher loads.

Most power companies in the process of changing out all meters to “smart meters.” Unless your service is commercial or 400A+, you will get a CL200.

No, what you actually said is “A 15-amp “rated” meter can be used on a 200 amp service”
Which is incorrect. Had you said “A meter with a TA (test amps) of 15 can be used” You would have been correct… Test amp and ratings is not the same.

See the document I posted that refers to 15amp meters as being unsafe : Shaded Area on Table: Obsolete and Unsafe Electric Watt-Hour Meters

Pardon me for not being more clear.

I don’t know the origin of your document Bruce, but I saw a similar (perhaps the same) document several years ago and contacted the PoCo’s regarding this potential issue. Their position is that they are not unsafe.