27 Dead including 18 Children

What in the world is going on?


Very sad

Here come the gun control arguments.

I’m listening to the press conference.

Trooper said “several” dead but gave no details.

As is usually the case early press reports get many things wrong.

As bad as this is, let’s hope the headline number is wrong.

Following the press conference by the sheriff, the reporterette again said 27

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Details as they exist at the moment


Give your kids a hug today, and be thankful you have them here to do that.

That is Horrible but so was this…


War is hell Roy and has nothing to do with this tragedy.


This stuff is becoming far too common…maybe lack of Christian belief system we are experiencing through political correctness.

…Maybe a lack of prison sentences for the able-bodied teachers and administrators who shirked their duty to protect the children they were entrusted with by failing to return fire.

Source: 29 dead, including 22 children in Newtown shooting

Read more: http://www.newstimes.com/news/article/Source-29-dead-including-22-children-in-Newtown-4118505.php#ixzz2F3Vz30se

Gun free zone.

The teachers should be armed.

Lack of love for humans and influence of a violent society.
All boils down to what the 2 youngsters were feeding their brains.

very sad indeed.

They should also imprison the school board members who voted to leave their employees with little more than chalk erasers as their means to defend the children they were entrusted to protect. Give them at least 10-year sentences.

What happened to respect others .

Little children’s safety shouldn’t have to rely on some dream that evil doesn’t exist. Little children’s safety should rely on the professional, able-bodied teachers and administrators who took on the responsibility to protect and defend those children. What was their defense plan? Throw apples at the perpetrator?

shooter: Ryan Lanza’s mother worked at the school.

Apparently he shot her too.