convertible tablet pc

I’m considering going to a convertible tablet pc for inspections. Is anyone using one already? I’d appreciate any information/ opinions (good OR bad) before I make a decision.
I was shown the Gateway unit by someone at the NACHI convention (didn’t get his name, dang it!) and it looked like a well-made, convenient-to-use unit.
Any and all information/ opinions/ experience is welcome!

Thanks Brian. After reading that thread, I may rethink my “plan” and consider the laptop/handheld combination. I have been a Dell Computer fan for years anyway.


I’ve been using an ACER c110 for years now - Handhelds require too many menu manipulations to suit me. The tablet PC is far superior IMNSHO.


I also use acer c110 and am very happy with it. Its small enoiugh to carry with you easily, no gymnastics with a handheld, and you have your whole office in your hand - wirelessly connected most places.

I have the bought the new Gateway tablet PC in September and had so many problem with it from the start. It took me approx until December to get it correct and it still has some bugs. I had to put a stop payment on my visa before I got any response from gateway. I love the computer but it has some problems. If you want more info let me know. Also what software are you going to go with?

Hi to all,

I use a Fujitsu touch screen (my 3rd Fujitsu) they are very reliable I have never had an issue with any of them since 1999 (BTW my oldest one is now religated to runng GPS in the car)

I would also look at Acer, Sony, and Toshiba.



I have pretty much decided to use the Porter Valley software. I have been reading the discussions about PV and HG, so I feel I have the info I need there. I will look at the tablet PC’s you all have recommended, thanks for all the input. The seach goes on!!:-k

Do you have /had a 3500?
Any comments on it?


yes I have a 3400 which is the same but a bit slower.

The 3500s has been the weapon of choice for FEMA up until last year and is a very rugged unit, it is fine as a tablet, but if you need to do a lot of typed inputs then you need to attach a seperate keyboard, (IR keyboards are great).

It will handle limited applications just fine, but it is a little slow and you can’t use it with windows XP as the touch screen drivers are not available for it (or weren’t last time I checked) memory can be chipped up quite cheaply, actually the HD can be upgraded as well.

The biggest problems that I know about with these older Fujitsu’s is getting hold of replacement batteries.



Thanks, Ger-
Lemme ask you, as I’ve never worked with one-
Say I have a checklist that I print out for every insp.
If I have it as a Word doc in the 3500, can I “write” pencil stuff, circle things, etc like I would do with paper, & name it SmithInsp, JonesInsp, etc - and save / print out?
Like I say, ignorance is blis . . .

I have a Toshiba Portege M200 and i LOVE it. I have no idea how I lived without it and can’t imagine how much longer it would take to inspect without it (unless using a checklist).

I mean it…I REALLY love it. In kind of an unnatural way…it’s THAT great.

Oh yeah, and every other client comments on it and the Realtors take note.


the quick answer is yes, the long answer is yes with a lot of work and I would start out with a system using the benefits of Windows XP tablet, (personally I would go with voice recogition though)



That may very well be the most emotional outbreak I’ve ever observed on your part, Joseph . . .

Oh, boy, Gerry, I gotta come out of the woods & learn something again, huh?

Let me put it kindly Russ, you can’t do it with a 4x4 and a big axe :mrgreen:



Russ…you already bought the thing…if it doesn’t work like you want…its too late :wink: I heard you got a heck of a deal anyway…so use is as a paperweight…i have an old fujitsu laptop that I use that way…

Personally, I think that 500mhz is too slow to run the boxed software…but i think if you have a checklist in word…it should be fine. I would amp up the memory if I were you…128 is not much with Windows 2k Pro…JMHO>…

Actually this already comes with a write software pre-installed.

Russ, all you do is write onto the screen with the pen and it translates it immediately into text.

And actually Tony, this laptop is an absolute powerhouse for the use. It may not be alot for gaming or multimedia, but for what Russ is going to be using it for, it’s going to be awesome.

I can’t imagine why it would have been FEMA’s tablet of choice otherwise. That is a rugged job with high capacity.

500 mhz is NOT slow and he can upgrade to a larger hard drive for very cheap. I’ve got all the links.

Wendy read my post again…the boxed software that I meant was inspection software…look at what PV requires:

Hardware Requirements:

<LI class=class>1.5 GHz CPU / Pentium or Centrino Notebook, Desktop or Pen-Based PC
<LI class=class>256MB of RAM &150MB Free Hard Disk Drive space

  • Screen resolution of 1024x768

500 MHz is slow by today’s standards…