2nd Amendment Alive & Well in AZ!

Nice classifieds, folks!


Duh… no waiting and no paper work… yikes.

What exactly about that scenario invokes a ‘yikes’?

Some should not own a weapon of any kind!!

Looks like a garage sale in my neighborhood… but then again, I live in amongst actual monsters up here at the top of the Rockies. All quiet this time of year… for now.

They did not have my favorite BUSHMASTER 7.62 x 51mm.

Who’s job is it to decide that?
Are you one of those ‘I own guns, BUT…’ guys?
Do you think the law can prevent someone who wants to do something bad from doing it?
Hasn’t killing people been illegal for long time?
You are not safe, and no amount of legislation can make you safe.
Everyone has the right to defend themselves without having to ask permission from the Government.

Never said that!!!

Nope, you said

I was asking for clarification on your comment.

Oh, we have a decent little list around here:

And then, there’s this one . .

As well as the Hunting & firearms section in this one

In Texas, we have a dedicated site. http://texasguntrader.com/

Most transactions are face to face, no fingerprinting, no waiting periods, no government bureaucracy paperwork, no government fees or punitive taxes… (Yes - that is the spirit of the second amendment).

I get some great deals around here, but the best was my M-1 carbine for $200 at a garage sale.

The Marlin Camp 9 Carbine at a pawn shop for $125 is a close second. There was no mag with it, and the clerks figured that the bolt was “stuck” to the rear . . .
I quickly ordered some S&W #59 mags from CTD, problem solved . . .

Yup, I’ve seen that, Chuck -
Same kinda stuff up here!

Nick, face it-:shock::roll:
You’ve got more stoners than shooters up on your mountain!:roll:;-):smiley:

Nice deals on both pieces.

Some local guys have been building this site for a while.

This is good!
Keep the links coming, let’s find out what’s around!

www.gunbroker.com is a good one but be careful