Hey Tony you ever find one of these in those Colorado houses?

hey Tony I found this just inside the crawl space this morning The retired cop I was inspecting for said there were ten more up there in various places ( he says that is the last place a thief would look) I thought you might appreiciate this one.:shock: :shock:

stain 016.jpg

BTW I only saw 4 I think the rest are under the insulation

So a retired cop hides his guns in the attic and " various " other places so a thief can’t find them…LOL…they should really up the retirement pay for these cops so they can afford a nice new gun cabinet…geesh.

Maybe he hides them all over the place because he never knows where he will be “hiding out” when he needs one?

No Dale, I never saw that before…how did you write it up? :wink:

I’m certainly glad that that cop is retired. A lot of good those guns will do him if the thief arrives when he’s home.

Was the cop’s name Barney?

Tony, stop. Can I run your tag today.


Doing the report right now it was a pre sell inspection so I guess it could go under the heading of security? He was pretty cool about the whole thing I asked him if I could post that pic for you guys to see.

No case, open to moisture, cellulose in the mechanism and barrel . . .
Great thing to do, if your intention is to spend winters cleaning and reblueing your weapons . . .

In Colorado we have a “make my day” law. The guns are better left beside the bed then in the attic. Seems weird that there were so many guns in the attic. Did this house have a dungeon by chance?

He probably constantly dry fires them, too.


I’m sure face paint and camo is involved.


Those of us in Law Enforcement do not like the Barney Fife comments. Once again Tony tag number please from your truck.:twisted: