Colorado town to issue hunting licenses to shoot down U.S. drones. Bounties offered.

Gee what does this do to the Homie who is inspecting a roof with his small helicopter and camera .

“Boom” Homie helicopter hit by incoming fire!:wink:

If it passes, I’m applying for a license.

too bad the new .50 cal in the other thread isn’t on the weapons acceptable to use list.

You may have folks in manned “ultra lights” or small planes get shot at too…

What a waste of crap.

Just imagine all the laws one would break by actually doing it.

I will not name the many idiotic reasons as each area is different but firing a gun into the air causes trouble in a great many places and a great many ways without rock solid reasoning. The fact that 99% of the idiots that try would not even come close to their target is just the tip of the iceberg, PEOPLE WILL DIE :frowning:

Another example of fools going to get well meaning folks in trouble just to prove a point.

I sure as hell hope idiots do not start firing into the South Florida sky’s if anything like that ever passes down here.

Just the practice of firing a bullet into the sky without a definite backstop WILL get someone killed. ASSININE to say the least.

If fired upon, I wonder if it will have “authorization” to fire back? :shock:

Mike, I’m buying ammo by the case so that I’m ready to go as soon as I get my license.

Ammo is likely as good as an investment as gold. So you will at least make money even if you do not attempt the NEAR impossible :slight_smile:

I personally would not fire upon a U.S. drone as you would not stand a chance if they decided to return fire. Hell I doubt you could even see one that was watching you.

I also doubt most if any here could actually hit a flying object with a rifle.

I am by my own admission one hell of a shot and doubt I could do it without a ton of practice or an amazing amount of luck.

We all know I have NO luck lately :slight_smile:

If you do get one please photograph it and I would mount it like any other trophy on the wall.

That would be cool as heck but I doubt you or almost anyone else could accomplish it.

I would like to know if there are any verified cased of a U.S. Drone being taken down by individual rifle fire. I really doubt it.

It’s open season on U.S. drones! I so want one of those licenses. I’ll be standing in line at 4 AM on the morning they offer them for sale.

Watch out for those hellfire missiles, they’re nasty.

Yep. That’s what the women and children in Pakistan say.

Yep, right along with the scum using them for protection.

Why should they need protection from drone attacks? They are within the borders of their own sovereign nation.

They’re on the wanted bad actors list. You know they ones trying to kill Americans.

They aren’t doing a very good job of it. I can’t remember the last time a Pakistani drone wiped out a little girl’s school in the U.S. Who made this “bad actors list” anyway? Seems like it needs to be updated.

Oh. The one’s sending the killer drones into other people’s countries created the* bad actors list. *

Maybe McDonald’s can create a bad fast food list. LOL