2nd floor laundry closet

I recently did a new home inspection and was surprised that the 2nd floor laundry closet does not contain a floor drain or pan. Does anyone know if this is a code requirement.
I would consider having a drain to be “good building practice” but not sure if I can push the builder to have this done as a code violation.

Being the smart home inspector, you may wish to “recommend” the pan and explaining your reasons without mentioning any code. I’m sure your client will appreciate the tip and they can decide to do it, have someone else do it or not do it at all.

I have seen many new homes without pans. Which leads me to speculate that it is not a code requirement. However it does seem short sighted given the location of the washer/dryer being located other than in the basement.

Retrofitting a pan/drain line might be more costly than its worth. You might wish to recommend that the hot/cold feed lines be metal braided to prevent burst feed lines, which are the bane of high rise dwellings.

or recommend that automatic shut off valves that are activated when the washer is turned on. They are installed directly onto the existing taps, no hoses in between.

I may not be 100% correct but, in my area a floor pan and floor drain are not required if the washer is to be connected to a direct drain. If the washer is going to drain into a laundry tub (not it’s own drain) then a floor pan and floor drain are required.

The most logical reason is a direct drain for a washing machine (2" min.) should not clog… the hose connected to the washer is smaller and would clog not letting it to drain at all. If draining in to a laundry tub all it takes is someone soaking some cloths or other item falling into the tub blocking it from draining. The tub then overflows when the washer drains.

Washing machines and dishwashers are prone to leaking. Usually when you are not home!
Anytime they are located above a finished ceiling they should have a drain pan. In my humble opinion.

I’ve run into this quite often as well. I advise the clients to use braided washer hoses and to get into the habit of turning the taps off when the laundry is done.

Just plain scary to me but, that’s just me