2nd Kansas Licensing Board meeting set

ANNOUNCEMENT TO ALL KANSAS INSPECTORS If you have concerns please attend.

Subject: KHIRB meeting notice

The second meeting of the Kansas Home Inspection Registration Board will be on November 18th at 9:00 a.m. in room B and C located in the basement of the Docking building at 915 S. W. Harrison in Topeka. The meeting is open to the public

David -

One of the Board members said it will probably be held at the Attorney Generals Office. Heard anything else??

At least, we have some lead time. I will plan on being there. This JCCC education thing is way off base. I have e-mailed Senator Brownlee about this. The JCCC class guide was planned months ago, and printed way before the first board meeting. Where is this JCCC class licensing for home inspectors crap coming from? Nick, please respond. Dan, perhaps I can meet you sometime at JCCC to see what the heck is going on there.

[FONT=Verdana]Home Inspection Training - Mechanical Components – Registration Info](http://www.jccc.net/home/course_schedules/ce/current/cewaystoregister)[/FONT]

[FONT=Verdana]The state of [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]Kansas[/FONT][FONT=Verdana] has passed legislation that will require individuals that want to become home inspectors to have 80 hours of education. [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]This course meets the first half of that requirement[/FONT][FONT=Verdana]. This course prepares you to become a home inspector by training you to pass the National Home Inspector’s exam and the American Society of Home Inspector’s exam. Topics covered include the history of the inspection industry; an overview of plumbing, electrical, air and heating systems; and how to write reports. Classroom instruction will feature hands-on displays of electrical panels, furnaces, plumbing fixtures, and more. You will accompany the instructor on an actual home inspection. Books and study materials may be purchased through Midwest Inspectors Institute. You must also take the Mechanical Component course to meet KS requirements for training.
CRN 21233 Course No. XNR 6002 001
Sun/Sat [/FONT][FONT=Verdana]08:00 am - 04:59 pm[/FONT]
[FONT=Verdana]March, 7th - March, 21st
Instructor: Thomas Lauhon
Fees: $1,350[/FONT]

It is obvious that the bill and the advertisement were authored in tandem.

The carpetbaggers were there from the beginning, ensuring that the product that they could not sell to inspectors having a choice…would be legislated and attendance would be mandated.

The carpetbaggers use legislation to make money just like some home inspectors who think that they will “raise the bar” to eliminate competitors.

The carpetbaggers selling education have other ideas, of course…and work hard to see that the competitors actually quadruple. They are the only people who benefit from these licensing laws as the inspector, the consumer, and the industry are dumbed down to nothing more than a commodity.

Take Tom Lahon’s $2600 class, obtain a license…bingo…you are instantly qualified and equal to the rest. You may have to offer your inspections at a lower price…say $125 for any size house…to get business at first, but the pay will go up someday.

The meeting date has scheduled for November 18th in Topeka, Ks. at 9:00 a.m

Tentatively at the building of the Attorney Generals Office

That’s all I know as of now, I will up date you all with new info. as it comes in

This was from another board member not Barnes

So anyone planning to attend stay tune for new developments

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Subject: Kansas Education

Nick I just received a phone call regarding a post on you message board from Dave Moriconi regarding an approved inspector training class for Johnson county community College. This is NOT an approved class the Board has not even discussed the topic since our last meeting. NO curriculum has been discussed let alone approved. The notice also indicates that the class prepares you for the ASHI exam. A discussion about approving an exam has yet to even be brought to the table let alone approved. I have pulled off the contact information for the college and will call them tomorrow to get this pulled. The State Board of Regents must approve the curriculum and is very strict about accurate advertising if not pulled immediately we will turn this matter over to them. If you have other questions, please let me know
Jeff Barnes

Jeff Barnes writes " I have pulled off the contact information for the college and will call them tomorrow to get this pulled."

Good Luck Mr Barnes
this is just 1 course of many offered by this college in a printed catalog and mailed to hundreds of folk

How could they possibly know what the licensing curriculum would be before it was ever discussed. Well somebody sure discussed it or a catalog with that curriculum would not have been printed. I bet before the bill had the ink dry, the curriculum was written.

I just got back in town this PM and saw this post. In my own mailbox I have the catalog with the 2 courses advertised in it. **There are probably 10,000 Thousand OR more of these catalogs out there **AND its posted on JCCC’s web site. Even if for some reason JCCC pulled it off the web - there will still be all the catalogs out there.

Each of the 2 ads say:

"The state of Kansas has passed legislation that will require individuals that want to become home inspectors to have 80 hours of education. This course meets the first half of that requirement. This course prepares you to become a home inspector by training you to pass the National Home Inspector’s exam and the American Society of Home Inspector’s exam".

#1 - To be gramatically correct, the ad does not say its course is approved by the Kansas Home Inspection Review Board, etc.

#2 - The Kansas State Board of Regents has NOTHING do with approving an 80 hr training class for home inspectors anymore than they do with the classes being taught for pre-licensing Realtors, Appraisers, General Contractors, Lead Inspectors, Asbestos Inspectors, Termite Inspectors, UNLESS someone is trying to structure the home inspection bill’s rules / language to restrict entry by normal trades type groups AND steer it to Corporate Type Training Schools OR those trainers affiliating themselves to Giant Vo-Tech Schools OR Community Colleges.

Since I’m sure we don’t have anybody trying to pull that crap, I’m guessing this whole thing is a big POS mistake OR somebody just got eager OR phrased their words in a way easily misunderstood.

No…somebody made a deal and had a promise made that his (Tom Lauhon) course would be approved, and had to meet the printing deadline for this semester’s catalog.

Barnes has no other option than to act surprised, but in the end…this course will remain on the Winter schedule, it will fill with fresh meat, and it will…as has been previously agreed as the law was being written and manipulated into place…be approved.

Give this one to the carpetbaggers.

Jim -

I find it hard to believe that someone could have promised Mr. Lauhon that his course would be approved, etc upfront. The Kansas Board of Home Inspectors for the most part had not even met each other until the 1st Bod meeting 2-3 weeks ago. Several of them indicated they’d never even had a conference call, etc.

So how could something like this occur? Probably just a guy being a little overeager to get his training out there before the Bod set the guidelines up yet. I’m sure there was no plot to shut-out other parties.

We shall see…and quite plainly.

Mr. Lauhon will either be sanctioned by the state for his false advertisement (if Barnes is not a part of the ruse) or his course will be approved, as is and as published, and will go forward.

Anyone going to bet on which way it goes?

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Subject: Note from Jeff Barnes

The web listing for the Johnson County class has been removed.

So I wonder if the class has been dropped!!

There is over 1000 catalogs in the mail announcing this class

More like 10,000 +

How about one to every household in Johnson County, more like 75,000 :shock: