$3.85 per book!!! Insane clearance sale to make way for new InterNACHI logo'd books.

**We are getting ready for another printing and we have a small amount of cases left and ready to go at an incredible value. Each case is normally discounted to $180.00 ($4.50) per book, but these remaining cases are going for $154.00 each, plus actual shipping cost. That’s only $3.85 per book! **

**Don’t miss your chance to stock up, because you’ll never see prices like these again. Order as many cases as you want, there is no limit, but when they’re gone, so is this deal. **
Order Now](http://www.nachi.org/happyhome.htm)

Note: The order form does not show the clearance prices, but the charge will reflect the clearance price.](“http://www.nachi.org/forms/happyhome.php”)

Just placed my order for one box. Fantastic deal (price) and an excellent Author!!!

Thanks Nick and Keith!!!

Whatever you don’t sell Keith, I’ll buy and give away as http://www.nachi.org/dailydoorprize.htm


Any problems getting them across the border without paying ridiculous brokergae fees?

Are they three-hole punched?

Bill Mullen

Hi Bill,

I will let you know when I receive my shipment!!

The ones I got where three hole punched . Never ever use UPS to Canada,
Mail best Fed ex next .
I have not been hit with Brokerage with this way of shipping .
Another company did not follow my asking to not us UPS and It came via UPS .
UPS phone me and I said I would not pay their phony Brokerage fees and too send it back to sender .
Next day at my door no fees.
They have had a lot of complaints and I wonder are they learning.

I just received my order and I’m happy to report that I did not have to pay additional fees!!!

And yes they have the three ring binder holes punched!!

It is an amazing book that will make an nice addition to any Home Inspection report!!!

Are these still available? Thanks in advance…


Place your order, I promise you will not be disappointed!!!

Are these still available?

I just ordered a case today, I don’t care if the special is still available or not they look like pretty good books. I just cancelled an order of 25 maintanence books for $100.00 from a different supplier, they sent it UPS and the shipping was $27.00 and they called me today saying the brokerage fee would be an additional $31.00. Almost $60.00 for delivery on a $100.00 order, I told them to return to sender and called the supplier to advise them of the cancellation and that as long as they shipped via UPS I was not going to order through them, they are refunding my order. Specified on the NACHI order to please not ship with UPS.

Exactly Jerry!! These books are a great value discounted or not!!

Guys, I totally agree that they are worth their money when not discounted. I currently have good stock, and was just wondering if they are still available at the discounted price, to build my stock some more. Are you guys telling me if they offered you a discount you’d tell them “no thanks, they’re worth the extra money”??? :o

I agree , I would love to see the discount we all love to save some money! But I think I might be late with my order for the discount.


We all want discounts, I can’t remember the last time I made a retail purchase. When I purchase anything I pay the wholesale price,I blame this on my wife, she is a retailer. :smiley:

I’m suggesting that these books are a good value discounted or not!!!

Mario ,
I want to thank you for the info you sent to me through John, and I hope these books are good because I ordered them because of your raving review. Take care and once again Thank You.


You are welcome sir!!

Got my books on Wednesday and they are great, thanks for not sending them with UPS, shipping was $15.00 cheaper than UPS for my order from a different supplier and I actually got 15 more books through my NACHI order.

I got you the discount.

Thanks Nick!