If we can get 100 members to order 1 case (100 books) each we can get a great deal.


What would be the price for the case with the great deal?

$3 each (includes shipping to you). 76 pages all full color.

If I took 200 would it help the cause . . Roy
We are up to Three Paul ,Roy and Roy where are the other 97

Are the drilled for three hole binders?

I would alslo like to know this.

I have one of the books sitting next to me and yes it is drilled for 3 hole binders. If Bidness was only a little better and I had more inspections and less things to spend money on I would absolutely buy a hundred. But as it is I need to wait for bidness to pick up.

Great idea I wish I had thought of it BIDNESS.
Now if only I can get all the agents to go along with it .
They sell home by Bids why not me who knows if I sell my self better I might make more money .
Just funning you , Hang in time will get you more work and in the mean time you can put up with my Corney humor and the odd good post I make .

Spell check at the bottom Right can some times catch our bad spelling

Roy Cooke

These will be 3 hole drilled.

Full color on every page.

And promotes NACHI. Some of the other books out there only mention the other organizations. Let’s promote NACHI.


These will be 80 pages. The Energy Savers chapter and the Glossary of Terms, both of which can be purchased individually, have been taken out of the NACHI edition.

Hey Nick,

How close are we to the 10,000 pre-ordered books?

We are ready to go to press as soon as you give the word.

phinspergerWhat would be the price for the case with the great deal?

$3 a case? SOLD! :slight_smile:

Even in Canada?:shock:

The price is right, on the back cover it is $25.95, If you can send them to Canada at $3.00 each I would like 201 just so I can have 1 more than Roy, who wants to do better:p :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know what the quantity per case will be.

The books are $3.00 each and NACHI is paying for shipping.

I don’t know what the arrangement is for Canada.

I’ll take 100 Jay. :smiley:


I would love to take your order, but you need to order through NACHI.

Click here ot order.

When will they be printed? I would hate to pay now and have to wait?

NACHI will not process any credit card charges until the books ship.

Order now, pay later!

The announcement states that your card will not be billed until the order ships.