February only! $1.53 each.


Dang! I’ll have to get some more.

I’m subsidizing them. Take my money.

Ordered another 120 (3 cases).
Best bang for the buck out there. Every client & many agents get them, along with the fact that the very first line in my report is the link to Ben’s video of same.
Really enforces the ownership of not only the home, but the responsibility!
The attached survey - or your variation thereof - is another great CYA tool.
Since the Spring of '03, NACHI has been my first line of both education and of legal defense (that has never been needed, BTW!).
Seriously, for the price of a cup of coffee, hand out the book!

Why is shipping so expensive?

3 cases. $203 express shipping charges? Or $75 for Fed Ex ground.

Book price is great, ship charges are unreasonable.

A case of books is pretty heavy. I don’t think $25 is too bad.

David, You could do what I do, I personally pick my books up!:smiley:

I guess the shipping seems so expensive due to the low price of the books.

I ordered 3 cases.

Damn, I just got some and the price goes down. Isn’t that always the way it happens?

I still had about 100 books, but I would run out in June/July and then pay more most likely, now I should be good till next year.

Do not feel bad about it, it still is a good value and a nice product for our clients.

Just ordered another batch myself. Everyone I give them to RE agents clients I mean everyone…Loves them and gives positive feedback.

Jim :cool:

Nick, how much is it to ship to Canada? I can’t get a quote because my the system won’t accept my Postal Code, just a 5 digit Zip Code.

I don’t know. I think you might have to email sales@inspectoroutlet.com Shipping to Canada is not cheap, but the price of the books ($1.53 each) more than offsets this.

I’m basically paying you to use these books (and they work wonders) as we are selling them for less than our costs. Take my money.

Thanks Nick, email sent.

Nick, if you are interested, the priorty mail 12x12x8 box holds 40 books and the rate I is $14.00. As the comercial says “up to 70 lbs.” I use this alot and the package is recieved in about 3 or 4 days. It might be worth looking into.

David Delzeith
D.A.D. Home Inspections

Dave that is correct. I use there 1 price, if it fits price also all the time to send out Marketing packages, reports etc… it’s the cheapest way to ship.