3.9 miles from where George Floyd died after being suspected of having a counterfeit $20 bill

3.9 miles from where George Floyd died after being suspected of having a counterfeit $20 bill is 90 Hennepin Avenue. That is the address for the Minneapolis Federal (adjective designed to trick you) Reserve. The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency. It is a private consortium of for-profit banks that create trillions in counterfeit money.

The reason George Floyd’s crime of counterfeiting is punished so severely (up to 20 years in prison) is that every dollar that is counterfeited and put into circulation, reduces the purchasing power of every other dollar. If enough counterfeited bills are put into circulation (like George Floyd was attempting to do at a store) the purchasing power of our money would noticeably fall. In other words, our money would buy less. That’s the result of inflating the money supply with fake dollars… prices go up and our money buys less.

The Federal Reserve prints money to cover the invoices of our bloated federal government that has grown to cost twice as much as the taxes it collects from us to pay for itself. The other half is paid for by the Federal Reserve which simply counterfeits the notes that aren’t backed by anything… causing inflation.

Inflation is the tricky way the federal government gets us to pay to support them without having their politicians needing to raise our taxes, an unpopular thing to do. There is no free lunch. The cost of government could be charged to us honestly with more and more and more tax increases (which would cause us all to protest at the Capitol building), or dishonestly with inflation.

Ironically only 3.9 miles away from where George Floyd tried to pass a counterfeit $20 sits the Minneapolis Federal Reserve… the greatest counterfeiter in all of human history.


Whoa! Better check just your “facts” just a bit better.

Whoa! Better check just your “facts” just a bit better.

What facts did I get wrong?

Who Decides to Print Money in the U.S.?.

I will save you the read…it’s the Federal Reserve.

Inflation also allows corporations to pay off debt faster.

“Inflation is one of the best things that could happen for existing bondholders. Inflation means that debtors can pay back the dollars they owe their creditors in money that has a lower real value.”

I read everything on your link. What facts did I get wrong?

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And all the way back in Texas sits a woman, who was pregnant & being robbed by him with a gun he stuck in her belly.


Yes. Career criminal George Floyd was a scumbag (although I try not to speak poorly about the dead). He held a gun to a pregnant woman’s belly while he assaulted and robbed her. Let’s all just be glad he’s off the streets.

That said, his fake $20 is nothing compared to the fake trillions the federal reserve is printing.

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Am I apart of the right Company? Why is this even a topic on a forum about Residential and Commercial Inspections? Is this a forum for our political and moral views or am I here to get educated?


The great part of this forum is not only can we learn and ask questions about inspectioning, we can also post and have conversations about unrelated topics.
Personally I enjoy reading what Nick has to say, but we all have the option to ignore posts and only read posts related to inspections.


The people that don’t want to hear shouldn’t be forced to, but it’s not my company. I digress, but there are plenty of places that can be done.

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I don’t believe You are being forced to read any of this…

You can check out anytime You want but You can never leave …Hotel California (2013 Remaster) - YouTube


Perhaps you can become certified in Skydiving.
Ask here! Nick may have a special course for you that has much value

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Whether George Floyd did or not know he had a courterfit $20, does that justify being killed over it? What would be the reaction on this forum if George Floyd was a white guy, killed by a black cop for trying to pass a counterfit $20?

Or do we know the outcome; Justine Ruszczyk case.

Following Derek Chauvins trial, we now know what the justice system and a jury of peers thinks about this. Excessive force is not allowed for this level of criminal behavior. We all should be happy about that reaffermation of citizens rights and the duty of police officers.

And what does George Floyd have to do with the ability for the Fed to print Federal Bank Notes, in essence, a loan?

Two totally unrelated subjects. Is this trolling??

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Whether George Floyd did or not know he had a courterfit $20, does that justify being killed over it?

No. That’s my secondary point. 3.9 miles away the Federal Reserve counterfeits trillions and no one tries to arrest them.


I am consciously trying to expand the MISC section into other areas like politics, taxes, inflation, and economics for three reasons:

  1. Those issues affect all businesses. Inflation, housing, taxes… all relate to us.
  2. Other platforms are banning free speech more and more. We want to be the last hold out.
  3. Our members enjoy such discussions. Many of us find it fun and refreshing. Especially the debates.

I have an article I’m working on now about what the average house costs in ounces of gold throughout the years, and why.

Anyway, despite the title, if you really read it, this thread is about inflation…something that our industry is notorious for not keeping up with. At the Inspection Museum we have invoices for home inspections that are nearly 50 years old… and for not much less than our industry charges now. That’s insane.


I skip over topics I’m not interested in all the time. Are you having trouble with self discipline?

And, there are not plenty of places this can be done, certainly not Twitter or Facebook.





counterfeits (plural noun)

  1. a fraudulent imitation of something else; a forgery:

“he knew the tapes to be counterfeits”

synonyms: Fake

Correct. The money you have in your pocket is counterfeit. It is designed to look like real money. Look at ridges on the quarters you have in your pocket. They were put on your quarter to insinuate that the coin is made of silver. Those ridges were used long ago to keep people from shaving the edges and taking some of the silver. Yet they put them on quarters made of worthless metal. They are forgeries. Good ones, but forgeries nonetheless.

Read: Why do quarters have ridges, and what does it have to do with taxes (and inflation!) – UNC Tax Center.

And if there ever was an industry that ignores inflation, it’s the home inspection industry.

If you would like to read some real history on the scam that is the federal reserve check out - The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin.

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What are coins? Oh, bitcoins. Do bitcoins have ridges like Ruffles?

Just could not resist a generational joke :wink: