100 Dollar Bills (Conterfeit)

I just went to the supermarket to get a few items for my family and paid the cashier with a hundred dollar bill. She utilized the counterfeit money detector to check its authenticity and guess what happened?

I was police custody in minutes. The freaking bill was counterfeit.

The police took the bill with my name and sent it to the FBI.

Now I’m out one hundred dollars.

Do yourself a favor…purchase a counterfeit money detector for all cash you receive.

That’s just “Obama Money” !
Not worth the paper it’s printed on…

That’s what you get for voting in a Repub into a Kennedy seat! :wink:

Monopoly Money for Massachusetts!

Where could I get one of those jobs?:twisted:

I wonder if I could get in on a franchise?


With today’s candidates, I refuse to vote for anyone. I had no part of that election…

The Messiah owes me a hundred bucks.

Same thing happened to me a few years ago. Only difference, I didn’t get the bills from a client, I got them from my bank !!! :shock::frowning:

It could have come from my bank, but it won’t happen again. I’m going to be checking every last bill I get in my hand…
counterfeit money detector

I got screwed from a $100 bill last week. Looked good, felt good (whatever that means). My son was looking at it and said this was fake. Sure enough the thread mark was in the location for a $5 bill. Washed and reprinted. Got it from a friendly poker game and only one friend broke out the $100. He said he wanted to split it since I came out ahead. Not happening.

Do you know who gave it to you?

Good post Dave - Thanks

Pretty sad to think we live in a society that we can’t even trust the green backs we get paid with our labor.

Thanks David for enlightning us to what can happen to all.

Ah, spending the funds you collect is not smart. They should be deposited in the buisiness account then withdrawn as income. If the police have the story you gave us don’t be surprised if the IRS wants to audit your return in the next year or so.

OK I just check the 5 $ 100s I got from a client today. All OK…

Im going to keep an eye out for that from now own…



I keep several in my equipment bag and am not shy to test the bills whenever I get one.

If you do that, won’t the gov’ment convert it to Obama’s stash? Let’s take a poll on how many deposit cash. I bet most put it in the sock drawer. :mrgreen:

In all fairness, let’s not assume that the person who passed the bad bills, actually knew that they were bad. As in my situation above, I got them from my bank. It is feasible that your client stops at the bank for cash to pay you, and their bank passes them to your client, and your client to you.

No, but next time I will.

My thoughts exactly.