3 Feet of Water

Today’s inspection…

Nobody (Sellers or Listing broker) has any information on this house. OK…great.

I go into the basement and I ask the Listing agent if there has been any disclosures of past problems with water seepage in the basement. Her reply…“Not that I know of”.

Well I’ll be darn, then someone must have applied a rust stain around the entire perimeter of the basement, to include everything in it.


More pics…


I wish they would have painted everything a different color, I hate rust colored paint.

Wow, that tops my personal record of 24 inches! (or so, there were many lines)


Funny thing is…Nobody knows nothing until I get there.

Well, something as trivial as that can easily slip a person’s mind, David.

That was not a water problem it was a red neck inside pool gezzz you can tell because they used the hot water tank to heat the pool and steps for stepping into it… I wish people would stop looking at things with one eye open lolol

I agree with Wayne, looks like an indoor swimming pool to me.

Hey Rusty (I mean Dave)

Do you think the sump pump failed at one time that may have caused the flooding?

The pump configuration looks somewhat amateurish.

David, next time do not perform the inspection at Low Tide.
Crazy pictures.

as long as the water is below the level of the basement electrical outlets it is an in home wading pool…Once above the level of the outlets it becomes shock therapy…both expensive assets rarely found in residential property…lucky buyers;-)

I pumped out a basement that was over 5’. Wasn’t even drywalled yet. Builder went under. $1200 to pump out the water. $5200 for the whole job. Preservation work for the banks on these foreclosures pays good. We bid $10,000 for the mold!!!:wink:





You got partners now? or do you call yourself we? :slight_smile:

I am in the wrong business as that’s around 40 condos darn it.

Yes, it can easily slip a person’s mind.

Hey, I have an idea. They should have a form to fill out with a question like “are there any moisture problems”. Just to remind the seller in case they forget about the indoor pool.

Geez, don’t you guys know anything. Many people cannot afford to park their wooden boats in a covered marina. You just flood the basement with enough water to keep it afloat and it keeps the hull from drying out. Although with 3 feet of draft, must have been a pretty big boat. :wink:


What’s really amazing, is the Buyers already walked through this home with their Realtor and no one seen this flood line.

I noticed it first thing, upon entering the basement.

Dave M,

I did mention that to the Buyers and at this point, they don’t even care. I believe this pool (I mean house) is going to remain on the market.

Don’t you just love forclosures? I have done several where the power has been off, then nothing, including the sump pump, works. I think banks and lenders, whom ever is responsible for utilities, should pay; but the home is sold “as is” anyway. Banks and lenders are actually losing money when they turn off utilities. Cold weather is coming, and we all will be seeing more of this kind of thing. Use caution on vacant homes; and charge extra fees. Take pictures, document, inform, let the buyer decide. Collect the check, done, next.

Nice pics, everyone.

I would also mention on your report if there is a seller’s disclosure for you to read/copy, or not. It should be noted on your report, yes or no. A subject for another thread.

Disclosures in Ohio do have such a question.
However, it seems to have slipped people’s mind even with the question.

I suppose.;-);-):wink:

I don’t know about that…I don’t consider my boat to be very big and it drafts 3 feet.

Of course, it is sitting at the bottom of a 3-foot deep creek.