Here was a real fun job (not!)

The seller did all kinds of dumb stuff. check out the SIZE of the window well lol.

Seller tossed dirt over aka filled in, old porch, we did not know the poured footing and block footings and concrete below were there and once we found 'em, notified homeowner n exxxplained, yes, if she had the extra cash the poured footings would have come out. I could have walked once we found all the underground fun or could have popped up the cost $, nope, stuck with it for homeowners sake

She had at least SEVEN other estimates, ALL told her to install an interior basement drainage system and sump pump…

Let’s start here lolol

Now its almost all dug out, exterior corner crack, horizontal crack

Many openings/gaps around the glass block window sheesh

Undeground ROOTS against, along this wall plus footings and concrete pad… the concrete pad was against the wall, against the bottom-blocks and clay soil… the exterior cracks and openings around window and seven others want to install an interior system and sump pump for $12,000–$15,000???

If you install an interior system and sump pump, water would continue to go into, pass through all the cracks, weakening the blocks n wall

Way to go, Mark…good info! Keep up the good fight…

hope you’re well Mr. Kage!

Thanks Mark , trying to tell them around here is like banging your head against the wall . Need you to come and do a education session for realtors .

And you, sir! :smiley:

Hope Monday storm stays well east of all the best… Roy C

Good job assessing the problems Mark.
Interior system would not work for very long with the conditions you uncovered.
But, they still try to sell their systems and leave their clients High and
Wet. :wink:

you know it Marcel!

I think 90 pumps might have worked…just sayin…

lol James, how are things in Ohio man?