Finished basement aka lower level, sellers claimed they hired someone who installed drain tile looll

Hmmm, did they? If they did we don’t see it and if they did, it didn’t solve sht

the estimate – inside lower level

outside, we ran a water test w/hose, ran it right where homeowner gets water inside and lol right where sellers said drain tile was installed, pfft.
Water began to enter, soak carpet within a few minures = need exterior waterproofing in this small area

3 days later, the job… what allowed water to enter? duh!!! WHAT was the ONE and ONLY true, long lasting fix! Idiotzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The sellers had no paperwork, no written guarantee from supposed contractor, more stupid American sht

Job cost $1,050

Dear wieners, had they hired a landscaping co or the like to regrade, to raise and slope the stOOpid soil and install some SToooooPID drain tile from A ta B, that would have cost at least what i charged and very likely with NO GUARANTEE!!!

Keep on keeping’ on, Mark! You are the man, brother!